League of Legends Music Videos, All 17 ranked Including Brand New Song

Hype about the new League of Legends music video? Come take a look back at all 17 as Twinfinite goes through some of their details and references.

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melons57d ago

Hmm if we can't submit stuff about video game movies, surely this kind of thing also shouldn't be allowed?

Deathdeliverer57d ago

I only watched 5, 3 of which I had already seen because I was heavy into league at that time, but man I’d be lying if I said this didn’t bring back some of those old feels when I saw some of those characters again. Damn I really liked League. It’s weird because as much as I liked it, I can’t bring myself to play it again. I guess the few years I have it was all I had on the tank. Definitely one of my favorite PC games ever.