Grab An Xbox Series X For $300 At GameStop--Here's How

GameStop will have trade-in offers for Xbox Series X and Series S that could significantly reduce your out-of-pocket cost on November 10.

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Knightofelemia56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Might save you money but you will be kicking yourself in the ass later on down the road. I know people who regret trading in their older console towards a next gen. As for the trade in prices for the Switch and Switch Lite I wouldn't trade them in I would rather get more cash out them selling on Ebay they are fetching a high price even broken. But I also do know people who trade in their broken consoles for that trade credit because Gamestop doesn't hook them up and test them either. They just take it in look over it for physical damage send it in a box goes to a place they claim fixes and cleans them put in a new box and classified as certified used or recycled what ever they use.

stevej33656d ago

Dunno what gamestop you go to but the ones I've traded consoles into they 100% check them to make sure they work.

RgR56d ago

Same here...I've never kicked myself for trading in a console for a next gen iteration either.

Gamefiend2355d ago

The Gamestop in my area just took my system. Actually couldnt check it due to Covid. Said it will get sent to a center to get checked later on.

Bigman4k55d ago

Facts i traded in my ps4 pro for playstation 5 and Gamestop made sure my PlayStation 4 PRO work before taking it

Shadowsteal56d ago

1. Both systems are backwards compatible.
2. After shipping and ebay fees and the risk of being scammed it's about the same. Some would argue the simplicity of trading in is better.
3. They do check them. They've always checked them.

What was the point of your comment if literally every point you make is objectively false?

Kiwi6656d ago

He has no actual point he's just trying to downplay something

hulk_bash198756d ago

With B/C on the next gen consoles, I dont see any downside for trading them in.

Games1st55d ago

Launch consoles can have problems

DJStotty55d ago

I have just put my xbox one 500gb w/kinect for sale.

Still fetches around £90-100 trade in

DJStotty55d ago

"Launch consoles can have problems"

Hello warranty

Bruh55d ago

Why would you kick yourself in the foot? Both consoles carry over a majority if not every single game from last-generation. I'd argue this is the one generation you should trade in your consoles towards the new one for

Sirk7x55d ago

Considering that this gen will be mostly backwards compatible with the last, there's not really much to lose by trading in a console this time, unless someone is holding out for easy soft-mods in the future or something like that.

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JayRyu56d ago

I plan on upgrading one of my one x to a Series X as soon as they more back in stock.

xHeavYx56d ago

It is tempting. I already ordered the PS5 but after trading in my PS4 Pro and Xbox one X I could get the Series X for $100

Gamefiend2355d ago

Im doing the same. I already traded my Xbox for $200 on the Series X. Waiting til the 9th to trade in my Pro for another $200 💪💪. Got my PS5 coming from sony

NomadR3aper56d ago

Not bad. But would rather try and get the All Access deal. Use the One S as 4k player in another room.

Elda56d ago

I'll be doing the same,trading in my PS4 Pro towards my PS5.

Bathyj55d ago

You could still pre-order series s at JBHIFI last week.

DJStotty55d ago

Series S is still available to pre-order at game UK

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