PS5 India Trade Mark Currently Not Held by Sony: Here’s What It Could Mean for the PS5 India Launch

Sony does not have the PS5 trade mark for India. Could this be a reason for no PS5 India release date and price? Here’s what we know.

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morganfell54d ago

Trademark squatting will not work in India either.

SullysCigar53d ago

Not really, as it will impact the Indian consumers.

Only in the short term though - this will be easily circumvented, even in a court.

Bathyj53d ago

This is ridiculous. A court should over turn this or Sony needs to cut a deal. Failing that, start an advertising campaign detailing to indian gamers why they can't have a PS5 and whose stoping it from happening.

morganfell53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

WIPO has become involved in several high profile cases in India and it crushed the cybersquatters. Cases of cybersquatting there blew up back when they introduced the .in domain. Some just pay out but the companies that have fought have won because the legal standard in India is that the filing by the squatter must have been made in good faith and that never pans out. I do not think this case is the reason for the India delay but rather simple stock availability is the cause.

thejigisup52d ago

Curious, what makes you believe is a stock issue?

morganfell52d ago

I think if more stock were available we would have seen successive preorder waves to more combative territories. Also stock isn’t just about production but also the ability to move production.

neomahi53d ago

People in I did can afford a PS5? Wow.

vivid8352d ago

There’s over a billion people in India and not all of them are poor ......

52d ago
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