Astro’s Playroom designer says bundled PS5 game helped iterate DualSense for nearly two years

Plus the platformer includes "a surprise that PlayStation fans will be pleased with"

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whitbyfox974d ago

If this is even half as good as Astro Bot then we are in for a treat.

RpgSama974d ago

Nobody is even talking about how you get a free game with the Ps5, I remember those good old days when your console came bundled with a game, good times.

SullysCigar974d ago

Like Alex Kid with the Sega Master System lol

And wasn't there some snail game? I vaguely recall...

Outlawzz974d ago

Yea I didn't know it was bundled until just a few days ago, it looks fun so hopefully it'll be the mario64 of the ps5 lol

Atom666974d ago

Like last gen with the Wii U?

Ah yes, the good old days.

RpgSama974d ago

Did the Wii U come bundled with a game day 1? Wasn't only the deluxe version that came with nintendo land?

RpgSama974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

A deluxe version of a console having a game bundled in =\= than all versions of a console having a bundled in game, so NOT the same.

whitbyfox974d ago

Wii came with Wii Sports not that long ago. It destroyed the PS3 and 360.

Atom666974d ago

Lol. Ok. Because a minority of Wii U buyers who went with the basic unit didn't get Nintendoland, it's TOTALLY different than now.

If it makes you feel better let's amend that:

"Like last gen with the *Wii U? Or the one prior with the Wii?

It's cool that Astro is included as one of these Wii Sports/Nintendoland system demo games. But let's not confuse it for the real glory days when systems came with their killer apps in the box.

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Einhander1971974d ago

Agreed Astro Bot rescue mission is incredible. This will be the first game I play when I get PS5.

SullysCigar974d ago

It's nice to see they're using games as a basis to design their controller. I know it sounds like an obvious approach, but I honestly think console manufacturers have had a tendency to concentrate on refining what already exists instead of considering how games have changed and what the controller should feature as a result.

The AIM Controller was designed alongside Farpoint, which explains why it's so awesome for shooters in VR.

Lionsguard974d ago

This really needs VR though.. I hope that's the surprise.

Games1st974d ago

No "a surprise that PlayStation fans will be pleased with"

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