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Godfall New Gameplay Footage Showcases Intense Boss Fight

New footage taken from the upcoming PlayStation 5 console exclusive Godfall has been shared online, showcasing an intense boss battle.

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RaidenBlack194d ago
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mrsolidsteel20194d ago

this game is starting to grow on me.

SullysCigar194d ago

The lighting is stunning and - while the person playing doesn't seem very good at it, generally - there loooks to be a decent challenge here too, which is good to see.

sprinterboy194d ago

Seems a good variety in combat too, with moves, block, melee etc

rpvenom194d ago

I still don't get why this game is getting so much hate.. it looks good to me. It's like an online god of war type game you can play with friends..

morganfell194d ago

Jealousy is the reason for much of it. I could care less. Already preordered. I wasn’t looking hard at the game and then that combat trailer from last month popped and I was immediately on board.

Imalwaysright194d ago


What's there to be jealous about? After seeing Wukong, a game that looks better in every single way despite being in pre-alpha stage and years away from being released this game is an utter meh. Hell even compared with GoW, a current gen game this game is an utter meh.

NEXUS-6194d ago

Imalwaysright - Isn't Wukong multi-plat? GodFall has been hated on since it's 1st showing by a certain group of people. Maybe the timed exclusivity has something to do with it or maybe they genuinely don't like the look of it.

Imalwaysright194d ago


Yes Wukong is multiplatform and so is this game but I'm not talking about platforms, I'm talking about games and I see no reason whatsoever as to why anyone should be jealous about this game wich at best looks like it will be an average experience.

RazzerRedux193d ago

Agree with Imalwaysright. This isn't a remarkable looking game in any sense. Maybe it will surprise....but I'm waiting on reviews on this one. Hoping it is great.

Gunstar75193d ago


It's "couldn't care less"


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Rambokind194d ago

Like a fungus? It's Destiny all over again.

Bender6502193d ago

You know, I thought that. Not the fungus bit, but the Destiny bit.

StoneyYoshi193d ago

With the looter part yes but other than that, not really. No MTX in this game. I believe they will be coming out with expansions though.

lifeisgamesok193d ago

This game was growing on me until they announced it's always-online

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potatoseal194d ago

I am buying this game. I think the combat is awesome. The load time after death brings a little tear of joy to my eye. I still can't believe we're here now. PS5's SSD is a game-changer and once it's fully utilized by Sony's 1st party studios....... then OMG.

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sprinterboy194d ago

Gonna miss my cigarette break with instant load times as the long loading used to reduce my heart rate before taking on the huge boss again lol

Christopher194d ago

Is this game just tons of hallways fighting repeated enemies to get to a boss room? That's all I've seen in this game.

sourOG194d ago

I agree. Probably going to wait on this one. It looks alright but it seems like a game where you benefit significantly by picking it up mid cycle.

Killer73nova194d ago

Reminds me of ryse son of Rome. Beautiful graphics but just hack and slash in terms of gameplay then move on to the next one. Probably buy whenever I get a ps5 because it visually looks great

spicelicka194d ago

Except Ryse was really a stunning next gen looking game visually with a variety of locations. This doesn't stun me, it looks like an upscaled current gen game. Ratchet and Clank is probably the only next gen looking game this year.

sprinterboy194d ago

If you wanna hack and slash in this game then good luck cause you aint gonna last 5 mins

Christopher193d ago

No. Ryse had goals, changing environments, storytelling, etc.

Magic_Spatula194d ago

Exactly. Looks like it will get dull pretty quick. I love me some action beat em ups but this game looks okay. Doesn't wow me. Also the fact that the game needs to always be online even in single player. Yeah, no thank you. If that gets patched out, then maybe I'll give the game a try.

phoenixwing193d ago

I was going to buy the game on pc until they added that information about always being online. There's no point in having it now. On top of that I sorta dislike the epic store, for some reason it won't allow me to play any games offline even when i try to choose it in the settings.

dumahim194d ago

There was a story trailer pretty recently, so there's that, but it still isn't much.

LordoftheCritics194d ago

Yup. Its looking like the blandest game of the new gen.

StoneyYoshi193d ago


"Ryse had goals, changing environments, storytelling"

How does this game not have any of that? They have shown other environments in trailers, every game has a goal behind it so idk how you can even use that as an example lol. And this does have storytelling... Have you not seen the Cinematic intro trailer? It was uploaded last week which tells a story and basically tells you the main goal behind the game.

I do see your perspective on this though, they haven't shown us much but I'm sure they aren't trying to spoil the game. They most likely will only keep showing off the beginning of the game.

LordoftheCritics193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

''They have shown other environments in trailers''

That and some combat is all we have seen. Ryse is greater in cope, scale, depth and pretty much everything else except next gen shiny compared to what this game has shown.

A game that makes a trailer for a weapon only is probably barebones.

Christopher193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Goals, as in taking out siege engines. Not, goals, kill more bad guys.

And nothing I've seen in this looks vastly different in environments. This is an issue with the overall design of the game as it focuses so much on shiny metals and such designs. I haven't seen a different biome.

Ryse wasn't a great game by a long shot, but it had more substance to it than what we've seen of Godfall so far.

potatoseal193d ago

I guess waiting for review would be a wise choice. I won't buy this game day 1, because I'll be playing Demon's Souls. But this game will be mine, if it at least gets a 75 metacritic I'd say. I just love challenging combat in this style.

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BigBosss194d ago

Only thing thats holding me back from purchasing the game is the fact that you need internet connection to play single player

Hellcat2020194d ago

I could swear we are in the year 2020
and not in 2002

RaidenBlack194d ago

... and in 2020 the reason for internet connection to play single player game which is not GaaS is?

Hellcat2020194d ago

Raiden- a simple search on google will answer your question

sprinterboy194d ago

exactly, I wouldn`t even consider a gaming console without having internet, just like tablets, laptops and other devices are basically useless without internet.
If you dont have internet then your probably going without at lot of things in life and a game console is the least of your worries.

dumahim194d ago

What does the year have to do with requiring an internet connection even if someone wants to play alone? Also, it seems PS+ is required as a result.

dumahim193d ago

Regarding my comment above, Godfall twitter confirmed shortly after my post that PS+ is not required to play alone.

The whole "Online play required" along with "PS Plus required for online play" is just worded horribly. Maybe "Online connection required" would be better.

Hellcat2020193d ago

I don't really give two shits about your friends internet connection

Christopher193d ago

***Raiden- a simple search on google will answer your question***

So simple that you couldn't just provide that answer here but relegate it to "Google the answer I don't have other than exactly what you said."

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northpaws194d ago

Too bad some people limiting what they can enjoy on something that is not related to gameplay at all. Sorry to hear that you are not getting it.

dlocsta194d ago

Sounds like the press release for the Xbox One, always on internet.

Bender6502193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Please don't remind me. I still have nightmares where a kinect comes into my bedroom and
watches me sleep. Lets never mention it again.

dlocsta193d ago

LOL (at work no less)!

phoenixwing193d ago

i agree bigboss. this was going to be a buy for me until they announced the always online stuff

StoneyYoshi193d ago


On the bright side the game has no MTX. Just expansions from what they have said.

boing1193d ago

Are you buying only physical and never update?

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xxShadow-Shockxx194d ago

This game looks awesome, can't wait to play it