The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare C4 nerf is too much, too late

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare recently gave the C4 a nerf to an unrecognizable level. It's almost unusable after its Season Six patch.

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franwex197d ago

I haven’t tried it yet, but it was laughable how strong it was before.

SyntheticForm197d ago

It seems like their solution to complaining is to simply just nerf everything.

smolinsk197d ago

You could throw the c4 way to far. But it got netft to much. Maybe half the throw distance was fine

Sunny12345197d ago

The nerfed c4 and got a hitscan overpowered sniper. Bs balancing.

hades07197d ago

The new Marksman rifle is the worst. I have video of a guy headshotting me in a helicopter at the highest elevation I could go yet the kill cam shows him aiming behind me as I was moving, not in front to account for bullet velocity and drop.

Sunny12345197d ago

It works as a hitscan even north of 400meters. No bullet drop, max velocity. Thats bs.

Majin-vegeta197d ago

Donr forget As Val shooting through walls

andeo1707197d ago

why should you be able to use the C4 as a grenade? The nerf is just fine in my opinion. The thing that needs balancing now is the innability to kill people coming at you with trucks. and that wallhacking AR sniper bs of VAL

UnSelf197d ago

I always said this. Ytf r ppl chucking c4 like a Grenades.

I’ve been using Grenades everyday since the game releases and will never change

StoneyYoshi197d ago

Because you can detonate it when you wish instead of timing a grenade cook. And people cant throw C4 back at you.

StoneyYoshi197d ago

RPG reloads need to be reduced too. Way too many people rapid firing RPG's on hardcore.

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