Ten New Titles, Critical Acclaim, and Exceptional Engagement Mark a Record Year for Xbox

From XBOX Wire: "I’m inspired by the dedication and extraordinary work across our many talented creative teams within Xbox Game Studios to launch a record number of first party games this year. In addition to a record-breaking year for games we’ve launched, many of these titles have earned strong critical acclaim, as well as impressive engagement from our fans".

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TranceHop 856d ago

Xbox Series X/S next-gen gameplay confirmed for later this month finally. Looking forward to seeing Gears Tactics, The Medium, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, & Assassin's Creed Valhalla running on Series X. Hopefully, it's a live stream event

Obscure_Observer856d ago

It´s gonna be an exciting and astonishing next gen for Xbox and it´s 23 first party studios.

Games, games and even more games!

I can´t wait

potatoseal856d ago

Yep all multiplats. Gonna be great

r2oB856d ago

Of course you can wait. It's one of the main things Microsoft has its fans do, at least for the past decade or so.

itsmebryan856d ago

I don't understand the down votes.smh

Obscure_Observer856d ago

@Name Last Name

"I’m having a deja vu..."

Nah. You´re in denial. ;)


"Yep all multiplats. Gonna be great"

On PC, yeah. Maybe some less demanding games on Switch. No new Xbox first party on Playstation, tough.

856d ago
sprinterboy855d ago

Where are they then ? oh year 2 and beyond.
I am personally gonna jump into the Xbox Eco system nxt gen for the 1st time but geez they make it hard for you.
PS5 day 1 easily but why buy a nxt gen xbox until black friday/holiday 2022? literally nothing but some good 3rd party and a few nice indies to play?

TheTony316855d ago

It's gonna be a long wait.

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TheProblem856d ago

“ I’m inspired by the dedication and extraordinary work across our many talented creative teams within Xbox Game Studios to launch a record number of first party games this year”


Microsoft has released a record number of first party games this year? What are they?

Are they saying that because they have released 2, up from 1 or something

Petebloodyonion856d ago

Reading the article would actually help.
15 titles (including the upcoming Age of Empire 3.

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition (Releasing on Oct. 15), Battletoads, Bleeding Edge, Gears Tactics, Grounded, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary on PC, Halo 2 Anniversary on PC, Halo 3 on PC, Halo 3: ODST on PC, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Minecraft Dungeons, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, The Bard’s Tale Remastered, Tell Me Why and Wasteland 3

TheProblem856d ago (Edited 856d ago )


Battletoads isn't first party. Neither is Gears tactics, flight sim, Ori, Tell me why or any the Halo's mentioned as they were all made by Bungie.

So Age of empires 3 re release, bleeding edge, Minecraft dungeons, the bards tale and an early access Grounded is a record year for first party games. Seriously? There isn't one AAA first party game there

There is so much spin in this news post it would take a day to pick it all apart.

ziggurcat856d ago


Dontnod, and Moon Studios are not 1st party studios. Dontnod is 3rd party, and Moon is considered 2nd party.
inXile made Bard's Tale Remastered long before they were purchased, as was Wasteland 3, so those are also not 1st party titles. Age of Empires III also is not a 1st party title.

Re-releasing Halo games on PC also doesn't count.

Petebloodyonion856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

Are we really doing this to discredit Microsoft?
Validating if the studios or the games were owned by Microsoft to call them a Microsoft game?
Ok, let's do this and see how stupid the arguments get.

Spiderman is not a real Playstation game since it was made by Insomniac (before being a 1st party studio)
Demons soul is made by Blue Point so again not counting
Destruction Allstars is made by Lucid Livid Games so again out
MLB 20 is a rehash of the same game every year so...
Sackboy: A Big Adventure is made by Sumo Digital So I guess it's not a Sony game.
Should I go into PSVR?

Honestly paying your team our outsourcing to the outside team to develop your project is still call spending your money.

Did they said that Halo was something new? they said that 10 out of the 15 games were newer games and also to be re-released would mean that they were already released on PC unless you are saying that Horison just got re-released on Pc, Death Stranding got re-released on PC...

TheProblem856d ago (Edited 856d ago )


You are right. The games you listed aren't Sony first party. Although demon souls was originally co developed by Studio Japan so it could be considered 1st party. MLB is first party.

I am not exactly sure what the point of your comment is. Or why you would even bring that up?

This article from xbox clearly states. "Record number of first party games" while listing the games you mentioned. My point is most of those games aren't first party. I am calling Microsoft out on their spin and lies. There is loads of spin in this article. I can't be bothered going into it

So again what was the point of your comment?

ziggurcat856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

"Are we really doing this to discredit Microsoft?"

Well, no... you literally listed games that aren't 1st party. And I never mentioned PS games, so...

There's a difference between a game that is exclusive, and one that is actually 1st party.

Wintersun616855d ago


in addition to TheProblem's and ziggurcat's replies to you, let's not forget the article was about games released this year. And since you brought up Sony, I'd like to remind you of Dreams, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us 2.

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potatoseal856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

Multiplats. Looking forward to Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Hitman 3, CyberPunk, Far Cry 6, even that Harry Potter game lol. If the Medium turns out to be good, I'll just sub to gamepass for a month, finish the game and then unsubscribe. Cheap as chips. Thanks MS

TranceHop 856d ago

@ potatoseal make sure you have fun playing The Medium

King_Noctis856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

“ I'll just sub to gamepass for a month, finish the game and then unsubscribe. Cheap as chips. Thanks MS”

Then Microsoft would accomplish what it set out to do, gaining more subs. No matter if you sub for one month or one year, they’ll get your money either way. Microsoft should be the one who thanking you.

potatoseal856d ago

@ King, I don't care what it is. I get to play the game I want, on PC, for next to nothing and unsubscribe, all for the cost of peanuts.... if MS like that, then I like that.

But I will tell you what, they're losing a boat-load of money. I'm all for it LOL

King_Noctis855d ago (Edited 855d ago )

“ I get to play the game I want, on PC, for next to nothing and unsubscribe, all for the cost of peanuts”

Microsoft thanks you for being interested in their GAMES and service. It’s people like you that help keep Gamepass going strong. They would gladly include you into their overall subscriber number, even if it just for “one” month.

“ But I will tell you what, they're losing a boat-load of money. I'm all for it LOL”

You’re right. MIcrosoft will discontinue Gamepass in a few weeks because they are losing not just a boat-load of money, but an entire ship-load of money.

potatoseal855d ago

@ King.. ahahahaha LMAO

Dude GamePass for PC is the best thing MS has done for PS fans. We now don't have to buy an Xbox Console. So for that and the cheap as chips price on PC, as a Playstation gamer I'm very happy about that. So for that... I thank Microsoft too. First time I've felt good about MS in a very, very long time. Now to get rid of Arron Greenburgers and Phil ;-) ;-) lol

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sprinterboy855d ago

Embarrassing you xbox fans have not seen any gameplay footage, yet here we are with loads of negative PS5 news everyday, at least we got plenty of gameplay and new year one games to see.

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RaidenBlack856d ago

"... and many more unannounced games in development."

Chriswheeler22856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

Let me know when one of those games I actually want to play comes out.

Killer73nova856d ago

Are you complaining on having hundreds of games available to play?

Chriswheeler22856d ago

Whats the point of having hundreds of games to play when I've already played the ones I want to and the rest dont interest me?

sprinterboy855d ago

What those awesome hundreds of games only 40million gamers this gen were interested in?

855d ago
Babadook7856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

Out of the 10, I only wanted the new Ori.

RgR856d ago

Ori and Wasteland 3 are really the only amazing titles. Guess gears tactics is decent as well.
Age of Empires is not a new game though.

Petebloodyonion856d ago

So I guess the only genre you play is 3rd person action games right?

Chriswheeler22856d ago

No, i like racing games, rpgs, interactive movies like Detroit, horror games, rts, crpg, survival basebuilding as well.

The only gakes I dobt play are competitive multiplayer really and fps, but I am ok with the first person view.

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Jericho1337856d ago

Decent output by XGS this year (although as many hits as misses). The lineup of future games is looking stacked, just wondering how many of them we'll see given the ongoing pandemic.

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