Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Full World Map Has Leaked

Cyberpunk 2077 fans might be familiar with the Night City. Here's a full detailed world map of Night City that gives an estimate on its world size.

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poppatron60d ago

Oh man... I’m excited for this. I’m hoping they let us pick it up at midnight with our ps5 preorders on the uk.

Gutted I’ll of finished it by the time the proper next gen patch is released, hopefully it coincides with some dlc or something. Or even better, hopefully I love it so much I’ll want another play through.

sprinterboy59d ago

Gonna just wait myself, I have the ps plus collection to replay in 4k on ps5, Godfall, demon souls, sackboy and spiderman to get through 1st so don't mind waiting

poppatron59d ago

I’d be too worried about it getting spoiled, and it’s easily my most anticipated game for some time. I really hope they announce a patch for last of us 2 because I’d be keen to go through that again.

And I’m still waiting for that apex legends announcement, hopefully it’ll be close to the pc version.

ufo8mycat59d ago

Just play Cyberpunk on launch day. You are not going to enjoy it more on PS5 (with improved graphics) or any less on PS4 anyway, so it is pointless waiting for the PS5 patch, which comes out in late 2021 most likely anyway.

Psychotica59d ago

sackboy before this?? lol..

bouzebbal59d ago

Come in man, maybe you prefer sackboy to this? But you gotta admit this game looks really good and the hype is real

outsider162459d ago


What do you mean Apex Legend announcement? Did they announce something for Ps5? Last announcement they made was just a few days ago. A special kind of event.

sprinterboy59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

To comments below;
I like the look of CP but I'm not a massive RPG gamer so my order of playing games will differ to most and yes I'm more interested in sackboy than
playing CP.
Why, well for a start off nxt gen has just cost me the best part of £2,500 on the new hdmi 2.1 tele, sound bar, 3D headset, extra controllers and ps5.
I've only got the money left over for 2 games at launch maybe 3 at a push and there gonna be sackboy, Godfall and demon souls and that leaves also the ps plus collection to replay for the first time in 4k.
Spiderman, CP, bugsnax can wait till my brothers and sisters give me cash for Xmas and then I'll have a hard time picking from those 3 but spiderman will probably win out on that one leaving CP for early January.

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medman59d ago

I'm waiting for the patch. It will be tough, but I've got plenty of games to tide me over. I'm also waiting to see if there are any differences between series x and ps5 gameplay and I'll get the version that performs better.

59d ago
jeromeface59d ago

If you wanted the version that performs better you'd be playing next gen day 1 on pc...

Smclaren198559d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Me to bud but theyv have confirmed it will look better on ps5 day one but a proper patch taking extra advantage won’t be coming untill later unfortunately. I’m hoping it at least has an unlocked fps mode day one that way it could be 60fps on ps5day one . Hopefully itl be a dynamic res on PS4 pro day one that way ps5 would max it there too. All they said is it will look better day one on ps5 whatever that means lol

Smclaren198559d ago

At least we have an epic game on launch day for our new consoles 😁😁😁 I genuinely feel bad fir people who didn’t get a ps5 some mess by Sony like it was sheer luck with me

loftlanser59d ago

Well, the good thing about the idea of multiple playthroughs is that they've said the game suits them because of the branching storylines amd characters.

Still, it has to be fun to play first and foremost but I'm optimistic that it will be.

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NEXUS-659d ago

CDPR just announced it went GOLD, not long to go now.

Levii_9259d ago

Hm this looks good and i personally haven’t been really hyped for this game.

Father__Merrin59d ago

Not the largest map but enough to pack in a huge game

medman59d ago

The map is also vertical, which is a gameplay feature that many other open world maps don't have.

Smclaren198559d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Yeah well said my friend, they emphasised that early on it was super vertical. It looks like a perfect size for me think of the great content . I must admit though some of the earlier gameplay a few months back there had me a little worried it looked super janky but they recently shown stuff have just blown me away.

Bnet34359d ago

What do you mean by it being vertical though. I mean I know the actual map is vertical when I look at it, but what does that mean, that its more packed in? what gameplay features you mean?

porkChop59d ago


Most open world games focus their content at ground level, and the cities are often built essentially "flat". You can't usually explore buildings and such. Cyberpunk 2077 handles it differently. The city is built vertically, and there are a lot more interiors than usual. It's not really that easy to explain.

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wwinterj59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

In mass it looks smallish but with how dense and vertical it'll be I'm not worried. I'm more interested in what we can do on a map than how big it is. Pointless having vast, empty spaces just to make the map bigger.

Kurt Russell59d ago

I've played a lot of Yakuza recently. I have come to enjoy smaller but densely packed world maps more. This gets a big thumbs up from me.

Ghostbob59d ago

This game really needs a third-person view I will wait for the reviews before I buy it.

Bnet34359d ago

Nah, I felt like that in the very beginning, but the closer it has been getting to release, I kind of changed my stance. Game looks great.

WillyC00959d ago

I’d have preferred a 3rd person view as well. I enjoy that perspective significantly more then first person. But I’m also not a huge first person shooter player either.

Smclaren198559d ago

You just think that man untill you play it honestly. They made a very good choice by choosing to do something completely diff and choose first person only .

wwinterj59d ago

3rd person is my preference however I can see why they went first person. Perhaps down the line they could add in a third person option but it's not a deal breaker for me and I'm normally not a FPS fan.

Saijahn59d ago

Raytracing will let you stare at yourself in the puddles and mirrors etc, close enough

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