Halo Infinite Kicks Off "Snack With Xbox" Promotion, Includes DLC Exclusive for 3 Months

Gaming companies tying up with other products to market a game isn't anything new, and it seems Microsoft is kicking this up a notch with the Halo Infinite.There's a three-month exclusivity period for some of the in-game items tied to the products.

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purple101149d ago

Disgusting. Premium of this is ...-Eat junk food for in-game items.

excaliburps148d ago

At least it's cosmetics only...

purple101148d ago

They could have used a packet or nuts.

How about bottled water.

How about a nut bar type thing..?

No it's cakes chips and sweets.

porkChop148d ago

There's nothing new about this. Publishers have done this for many years.

RaidenBlack148d ago

So much promotions were planned to coincide with the release.
Kinda giving off that Halo 3 vibes.
Well, next year Halo fans.
Hope 343 properly utilizes the extra year they got. Don't wanna disappoint the fans.

Nitrowolf2148d ago

I certainly hope they take advantage lol

crazyCoconuts148d ago

You're expected to buy the snacks now, but not open them until the game releases...

yomfweeee148d ago

Snack promotion for a game with no release date. Shameful.

Ron_Danger148d ago

By the time it releases the new promotion will be “free insulin shots with preorder”

rockwhynot148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Haha! And be sure to check out all our neat cancer treatments 😈

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The story is too old to be commented.