Call of Duty: Modern Warfare cannot fit in 250GB SSDs anymore

Modern Warfare/Warzone can no longer fit inside a 250GB SSD in PC. When will Modern Warfare get too big?

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Jin_Sakai57d ago

Completely ridiculous. What is it with CoD games being so large in file size? Something needs to change.

Teflon0255d ago

I'm assuming they don't compress the game. That's the only thing I can think of because it really doesn't add up with what the games offer

Bobertt55d ago

It's cause they are lazy and would rather put effort into making micro transactions each season than optimizing their updates.

SierraGuy55d ago

TF do I need to redownload multiplayer pack after I already downloaded the 30GB season 6 update?!?!

outsider162455d ago

"What is it with CoD games being so large in file size?"

That's because they want you to delete all games and just play their game.
I had to delete 3 of my games to make space for MW. Next day it wanted me to download another 20gb or so. To hell with that. I uninstalled it. Now im left with quite a lot of space, lol.

themasterbaker56d ago

If this is the standard, they need to send players CoD hard drives or something stupid like that. Like how Animal Crossing used to give memory cards for the game cube.

peppeaccardo56d ago

I paid for WArzone full price, I have wiped it out the game the moment it notified me it couldn't update having 130Gb free on the PS4 HDD. This is just ridiculous ... never buying again a call of duty games ... total garbage !!!


Dude mine is up to 186gb and thats before the season 6 update that i dont have space to download.

peppeaccardo55d ago

I genuinelly do not understand WTF they are doing with these updates !! i get that you need to have the space to download the code and the space to install it plus the free space allocated to PS4 OS for whatever it needs it. The game is fun and all .... but a quarter of the PS4 drive allocated for it is a bit too much. As the game was beconing a bit repetitive and to be honest the single player campaign seemed somethign I already plaied before i have frred up space for Ghost of Tsushima, TLOUS 2 and VII .... this should keep me busy before the arrival of the PS5. Ciao and take care !

Sophisticated_Chap55d ago

That's almost half of the PS5's available storage. This is totally unacceptable.

55d ago
aaronaton55d ago

200gb of cosmetics you will never pay for. Welcome to the future of Third party gaming.

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The story is too old to be commented.