Ghost of Tsushima Looks Insane at 60 Frames-Per-Second

Sammy Barker of PushSquare writes, "There’s no word on whether Ghost of Tsushima will be upgraded for PlayStation 5 just yet, but here’s what you could expect from a hypothetical next-gen version."

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zsquaresoff192d ago

Game already looks stunning on Ps4, one can only wonder in excitement as to how it will look on PS5.
Pretty sure they're holding NG+ for PS5 version of the game.
Re-playing TLOU2 and GOT on PS5 is a must for all the technical advancements they will for sure do. Let's not forget,
the Multiplayer.

dsammy04192d ago

GOT already had virtually no load times especially when fast traveling. With a SSD I think fast travel will turn Jin into night crawler from X-Men.

ooquis192d ago

So weird no one talks about GOT load times??? It's remarkable. Thank you sir for starting the conversation.

bouzebbal192d ago

This game blows my mind, it's the best looking game this gen, hands down

UltraNova192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

I'm still playing this absolute gem. It's easily in my top 5 games of this gen and it has some of the most addictive gameplay loops ever. The only other games that surpass it is Sekiro and Bloodborne.

What an amazing job SP... absolutely amazing.

VariantAEC192d ago

"So weird no one talks about GOT load times??? It's remarkable."
We ended up seeing PS5-lite loading on PS4 with GoT. Also Driveclub.
No one talks about it because it makes the competition look bad.
Though it does make me wonder how much faster PS4 Pro compatibility mode loading will be on PS5 when playing GoT on it from the internal or external V-NAND?

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BenRC01192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

Rather replay tlou 1. Scrubbed 2 from my memory.
Cant wait to play got though.

192d ago
KyRo192d ago

The game is a masterpiece, and whilst the second game don't quite live up to its original, it's still one of greatest games since the original which says a lot.

Muigi192d ago

Lol why? Don’t be a follower dude.

SullysCigar192d ago

Apparently you haven't scrubbed it from your memory though, eh..

Let it go lol

ZeroBlue2192d ago

@Kyro It was great in every way, except the one that mattered most.

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instantstupor192d ago

NG+ releasing in patch 1.1 on October 16th, as it turns out.

Pretentious192d ago

I agreed with everything you said except for the TLOU2. Nothing could ever make me play through that awful story again (just the story that was awful, gameplay was great). I'm looking forward to the multiplayer though.

Elda192d ago

Opinions opinions everyone has one. My opinion that TLOU2 story was intense,gripping & fierce. Naughty Dog did a great job with the game.

chicken_in_the_corn192d ago

The pacing and some of the level design was bad too imo

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Father__Merrin192d ago

There's tons of PS4 stuff I've missed out on hopefully this also gets a ps5 release

RaidenBlack192d ago

It'll be backwards compatible ... so nevertheless, you still get to play this on the PS5.

JEECE192d ago

It would be nice if they'd patch in an unlocked framerate mode so that, even through BC, we'd be able to take more advantage of the PS5's extra power.

ThePacemaker192d ago

I should have waited for a PS5 version 😞. I am extremely enjoying it now on PS4 Pro. The game looks stunning thou but 30 FPS. Great work SuckerPunch!

RaidenBlack192d ago

Hol' up!
Ghost of Tsushima will soon get the Legends update.
Why not enjoy the update on the PS5?

Lionsguard192d ago

I've bought it but I'm sitting on it because I know that there will be a PS5 patch for it. I mean there just has to be..

RaidenBlack192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

Ghost of Tsushima will soon get the Legends update.
Why not enjoy the update on the PS5?
And in the meantime play the base game on your PS4/Pro.

where-eagles-dare192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

This, along with Spiderman are 'my' PS4 games of the generation, as both games were incredibly fun to play through, with great narratives & silky, buttery smooth gameplay, alongside stellar visuals & sublime orchestration throughout.

Have ordered the Ultimate Miles Morales edition & really looking forward to swinging back into that world, & I would love to play through the absolutely spectacular Ghost Of Tsushima on the PS5, where any improvements would be more than welcome & appreciated by me.

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