Latest Crysis Remastered Update completely breaks vegetation physics/interactions

DSOGaming writes: "Two days ago, we informed you about the second major update for Crysis Remastered. Since Crytek claimed that this patch brings some CPU improvements, we’ve decided to re-test the game. Unfortunately, though, it appears that this second update complete breaks the vegetation physics/interactions."

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Binarycode61d ago

Crysis remaster was a mistake, based on the wrong version.

porkChop61d ago

Yeah they took the easy road of remastering the console version which was missing features. They should have just remastered and properly optimized the PC version.

VariantAEC60d ago

They should've built a brand new version of the game for next generation hardware including modern PC hardware configurations.
They shouldn't be relying on the original source code for anything other than where to place the new assets in the new version.
We can clearly see what happens when a developer relies too heavily on their old software.

RaidenBlack60d ago

They were targeting the console crowd.
Optimizing the PC version for console remaster would've taken much more time and might've yielded even poorer results. It's pure CryEngine 2.
They had a console port of Crysis 1 available and took the efficient route. It's Cry Engine 2 code was hybridized with Cry Engine 3 after Crysis 2 released on consoles.
CryEngine 2 is purely optimized for dual cores and high clocks.
Its Cry Engine 3 were they included optimization for multi-cores.

Emme61d ago

Why is this such a disaster?

Bnet34360d ago

they remastered the console ports. soon as I read that, I dipped lol.

Emme60d ago

Dont they care about their reputation? I get they outsourced some of this, but there must be some kind of quality control?