Astro's Playroom PS5 Load Time Comparison Shows Massive Improvement

Astro's Playroom is one of the launch games for the PS5 that will come pre-installed with the console. It appears that the game load times are now instant.

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Games1st975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

"Barely any loading despite multiple deaths and the player respawned almost immediately. Godfall comes closer to 2 seconds of load time while Astro’s Playroom is near-instant."

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bouzebbal974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

Can we pause the load screen?? It's too fast!

I'm out!

RpgSama974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

This is amazing! And nobody is saying anything, Godfall an actual next gen game loads in like 2 seconds, with the Series X we had like 20 different articles about load times and how they improved THIS gen games.

This is what I don't like about gaming media, how some of them make no effort to disguise their preference or the ones they are getting paid from.

With Halo Infinite I'm still waiting on the analysis from DF, they made a video excusing how it looked because of shadows and the time of the day, but no analysis to let us know what was the resolution, what was the frame rate, with Sony games they jump at it HARD immediately to pick on every minute thing and even on the things they see right they find a way to only backhand compliment them.

Mr_Luke974d ago

That's great!!! :D
I can't wait to play with mine :O

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roadkillers974d ago

I dont get so mething like astrobot. Crash Bandicoot didnt have load time after the death animation on PS1... Some games I understand. Just like COD online where you die and spawn back instantly in the action. Why is this awe-inspiring?

northpaws974d ago


I agree, no good news about PS worth celebrating. People have to stop being happy with their choice of platforms. /s

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Dfooster974d ago

Godawful sorry godfall will be this gens the order 1866. Consigned to the bargain bin 3 months after the launch of the ps5. Its the game nobody wants, nobody asked for and nobody is talking about right now.

xxShadow-Shockxx974d ago

I loved Order 1886 and I'm excited to play Godfall

SullysCigar974d ago

Nobody's talking about the game we're all talking about? didn't think that through, did you? lol

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Jin_Sakai975d ago

Big difference. The game also looks super fun. We need more great platformers like this. Just 5 weeks now!

SullysCigar975d ago

Looks awesome fun!

It's also very clever and inventive with it's mechanics and design, so should feel fresh. It looks beautiful.

Sunny_D975d ago

Best part is that it’s built into every PS5 for free. 😁

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hectorius974d ago

Sunny_D20h ago
Best part is that it’s built into every PS5 for free. 😁***

Personally, I hope they add to it with paid DLC and VR support.

sushimama974d ago

Plus it give all the special features of the Dualsense controller and big go, so you can experience what it has to offer and imagine how it may be used for future PS5 titles

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Aussiesummer974d ago ShowReplies(6)
purple101975d ago

Console is smaller than we think. I was getting worried! Good news.

ILostMyMind975d ago

Would it make a difference if it were twice the size?

sprinterboy974d ago

My TV cabinet would want a few words haha

Christopher974d ago

Yes. My entertainment unit shelving won't hold something twice the size.

potatoseal975d ago

This is good news for Demon's Souls players. No more load times when you die. PERFECT

Double_O_Revan975d ago

Yay, now we can get right back into the action and die 10x quicker! Yay!

System_Call975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

I remember loading time on PS3 was almost like 7 minutes when you died. It was horrible. Being able to load almost instantly on Demon's Souls for PS5 is going to be so good.

Thatgrammar975d ago

I really doubt there was ever a game that had 7 minutes of loading time after you die to get back into the game. That sounds like an extreme exaggeration on your part. Do you have any proof of load times being that long?

Greg2801975d ago

I still play demon souls on ps3 sometimes and the loading screens are not 7 minutes long xD Or was it just a exaggeration?

Ashunderfire86975d ago

Yea those loading screens was horrible in Demon Souls for the PS3! Even Bloodborne PS4 loading screens was painful 😣 to wait also.

sprinterboy974d ago

7 minutes? Slight exaggeration lol

Melankolis974d ago

I played Demon's Souls recently and i can tell that the loading time when dying and continue is nowhere near 7 minutes, It doesn't even take 1 minute

Umb974d ago

Well that is a real incentive and motivator not to DIE. lol.....

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ILostMyMind975d ago

Does that mean I won't have time to go to the bathroom or eat snacks while the game loads? Damn it! 🤬

NEXUS-6974d ago

With GodFall it makes you hold down the circle button to respawn. Which is a good way around it, gives the plater the choice.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi974d ago

Actually I may need that time to cry and regather my patience.

badz149974d ago

or maybe Just Cause players. hopefully no more horrendous loadings if they decide to make JC5 next gen

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Euthanasia975d ago

@Thatgrammar bloodborne had terrible load times when it first released. Not 7 mins but close

SullysCigar975d ago

The Witcher 3 load times are awful too. And Skyrim for that matter.

potatoseal975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

That's a thing of the past now. LOAD TIMES, were always my number 1 exciting thing for next-gen believe or not. I absolutely HATE long load screens, from Assassin's Creed Odyssey, to Hitman... they make me so frustrated. Now they're gone and that's really exciting for me.

Teflon02974d ago


Yup literally my most important feature. After NVMe has cut most games load time to near nothing on pc for me. This upgrade was so hype because going back to those load times wasn't going to be a thing I was looking forward to.

I just want a ModNation Racers 2/3 depending on if they count road trip or something. That was the only issue I've had with the ModNation games. I found the Vita one did good with weapons. Cut load times down to like a second or 2 and those games are perfect

sprinterboy974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

Bloodborne is just over 2mins dude, I've literally just died while reading your post.
I've owned it since day 1 and they were around 3mins then

badz149974d ago

nothing can beat the load time of JC3 when it launched. I thought the game crashed but it was just loading. 7-8 mins of loading to retry missions and races...TERRIBLE!

Thatgrammar974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

I was asking about Deamon’s Souls on PS3 specifically in my response. However, the longest load time in Bloodborne is around 1 minute (53.5 seconds to be exact). How is under a minute anywhere close to 7 minutes? That doesn’t seem close at all to me. Can you explain to me how 53.5 seconds is close to 7 full minutes? Here is a link to the information on Bloodbrone loading times. I also have the game and remember it taking a long time to load, but there is a huge difference between under a minute and 7 minutes.

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