Watch Tons of PS5 Gameplay: Astro's PlayRoom, Godfall, Devil May Cry 5, & Balan Wolderworld

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment has allowed a group of Japanese YouTubers to showcase what's basically the first extended PS5 gameplay.


Admin note: Allowing this to be sourced away from the original since the site refuses to work with translation services.

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RaidenBlack975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

We've seen all of these already to some extent 🤦🏻‍♂️.
I thought they were going to show something totally new ...

Abriael975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

You most certainly have not seen extended gameplay of any of these games running on PS5 driven by people that aren't developers making trailers.

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affrogamer975d ago

I was expecting to see the UI smh

RaidenBlack975d ago

Many were expecting actually (Me included) ...

Nitrowolf2975d ago

@shikoku that's not a UI leak, that s a boot up

Bathyj975d ago

Why would you have thought that?

RaidenBlack975d ago

Is it wrong to have expectations?
Well, you know ... an event organized by Sony, you do expect something new, right?

Bathyj975d ago

It just YouTubers, not an event. They are not going to announce new games or suddenly show Horizon or God of War gameplay.

If you want to expect anything they haven't shown before, you going to be disappointed. This is simply for people in the wild to get some hands on. If anything I would expect the UI or a closer look at the box. That's about the best we can expect.

Shane Kim975d ago

Because Raiden is an xbox fanboy. Why don't you lurk around in the xbox articles instead?

RaidenBlack975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

I wasn't talking about God of War gameplay, lol. Just ... you know, Youtubers getting hands-on with the console unit.
Picking it up, check the stand, the heft, show the UI, the game caching ... you know, a bit more ... personal insight?

So, If a member comments here, that she/he's disappointed with something then (by your deduction prowess) the user is bound to be a fanboy/girl of the rival platform?
So if the user is disappointed with a Nintendo direct, what fanboy/girl does that make, the said member, by your logic?

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lazyboyblue975d ago

Dude you offended @Abriael I think? Some How?

RaidenBlack975d ago

Why would I offend?
It was just a minor honest opinion ... that's all.

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porkChop975d ago

They can only show what Sony allows them to. They've all signed agreements.

waverider975d ago

Dude wrong console. This is showing new games...

King_Noctis974d ago

New game? What new game was announced?

I_am_Batman974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

Games are obviously not the problem with Playstation. People want to see OS features, a detailed breakdown of backwards compatibility, UI, improvements to the Storefront and the teardown that has been promised in March. Most of these things should've been previewed before the preorders start in my opinion.

I'm hyped about the PS5, but Sony's communication has been subpar to say the least. I'm definitely not a fan of the drip-feeding strategy.

Muzikguy974d ago

Astro's Playroom looks like a lot of fun

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potatoseal975d ago

Once you DIE, near instant load times to get you back in the action. Check out Godfall.

Once you die in Demon's Souls, you'll only have to wait a second to get back in the action I bet.

PS5's SSD for the win.

Bathyj975d ago

19.20 if anyone's curious.

potatoseal975d ago

If they didn't make you press O, it would have been so much quicker. Makes me excited for Demon's Souls and games like HITMAN 3

Bathyj975d ago

Yeah good point. It would have been near instant. To the point where I wonder if it was edited.

1Victor974d ago

Gone will be the days of a smoke break or going to take a pee break while the game load 😂

Muzikguy974d ago

Kind of sucks I used those for those reasons, bathroom break or a beer run. Now I guess I'll just be pausing more

SullysCigar975d ago

Never seen him before, but he's exhausting like a Japanese Greg Miller pumped full of E numbers!

Bathyj975d ago

So jealous Japanese Elton John got a PS5 before me.

Ben Dover975d ago

Is that guy retarded? Serious question..

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