Genshin Impact is biggest international launch of a Chinese game ever

Analysts say success of miHoYo-developed game is another sign of the growing technical and marketing prowess of China in the video games space.

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isarai152d ago

It's a surprisingly good game, easily the best F2P game i've played. It does a better job than most explaining all the different currencies and consumables. There's still some stuff i don't fully understand, but most F2P games are just a clusterf#@k and they do such a poor job explaining it i usually just stop playing.

Terry_B150d ago

Never played Path of Exile I guess ^^

Pretentious150d ago

A lot of people have played PoE, then they stopped. Because it's lame.

150d ago
BigBosss152d ago

Been playing the game and surprisingly I am really enjoying it :)

Marquinho151d ago

I'm about 5 hours on it and all I can say is that the game is Gorgeous. Both visually and musically. The production levels are surprisingly high. I'm currently playing 2 games, this and RDR2, and even though RDR2 is visually top notch, Genshin Impact doesn't pale. It has its own beauty and particular feeling.

I'm eager to play more and have a deeper experience with the battle and leveling system as well as the story. So far it doesn't look at all like a Free to Play game. Production values are on par with any other Asian AAA game.

SullysCigar151d ago

Saw my nephew playing this and wonder wtf it was - looks lovely and pretty fun!

Asuka151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

I'm really enjoying it. Surprisingly F2P friendly. like I don't feel pressured to actually spend money in this game because I can just grind out most everything. It also helps that the open world is actually enjoyable.

Pretentious150d ago

Just don't get it in your head that you want Diluc (the coolest character currently available). You can end up spending hundreds trying. I watched a guy on Youtube do it. Unreal.

Asuka150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Diluc is S tier. But I'm not super invested in getting him atm haha. Xiangling is good enough fire user till I switch her out for Klee when she releases.

But I have been down that rabbit hole before with Arknights and some how got myself out haha 😅😂

CDbiggen151d ago

Looks kinda like BOTW, but different enough.

Pretentious150d ago

It does better than BOTW in a lot of ways, but also takes a few steps back (no slow motion aiming in the air, no mounts, story is decent, but not as heavy/epic as Zelda). Definitely worth checking out FOR FREE lol.

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