First Uninterruptible Power Supply Designed for Gamers Launches this Month

Schneider Electric Keeps Gamers Protected, Connected, and In the Game with the First Uninterruptible Power Supply Designed for Gaming Gear

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Hakuoro55d ago

Ah the age old practice of putting "gaming" on the box to charge idiots extra for something they could pay less for that would work exactly the same.

instantstupor54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Actually, after a quick dig around the web, I don't think that's the case in this scenario.

I found that this is a 1500VA/900W unit, much like their BR1500MS unit, which has an MSRP of $280 (seems to sell around $240). This "gaming" UPS retails for $259.99, so it actually appears to be fairly priced in their product stack. I haven't done exhaustive looking, and I'm not on top of the UPS market, but it seems more like a product designed to get more casual gamers to consider a product they might otherwise not.

It does also have some niceties like RGB color options to match your setup, and - in my opinion - a nicer aesthetic than most units if you have to have it out somewhere visible. It seems at least an OK value compared to other comparably specced items out there.

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BQ3254d ago

I'm interested, have sketchy power supply to my home and had continued random power outages a couple summers ago which fried the motherboard in my pc. I really want something though with enough backup battery power to provide power to a tv, console, and modem for about 2 hours

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