Call of Duty Modern Warfare Spec Ops Mode Finally Available on Xbox and PC

After almost one year of PS4 exclusivity, Spec Ops game mode from Call of Duty Modern Warfare is eventually available on Xbox One and PC.

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261d ago
Relientk77261d ago

Just in time for Black Ops Cold War

BillyG0AT261d ago

Enjoying this so far. Glad they kept it the same as the MW3 version! Just annoying how it crashes when you hit wave 40.

Extermin8or3_261d ago

Crashes when you hit wave 40? My brother got to wave 120 on a couple of maps (I don't have that level of attention span pretty sure my highest is round 30 but I barely played survival tbh). This was on ps4 though.

BillyG0AT261d ago

Crashed for me. Maybe it's tied to a certain map? Or just Xbox specific?
Also had people in chat saying die before level 40

Extermin8or3_261d ago

Swear this title is incorrect? Soec ops was always available on all platforms it was just survival that was a timed exclusive (and I assure pc andxzbox players you missed nothing... was literally just the mp maps with spawn points for now enemies placed around them)

Zerobalance261d ago

Good reason not to buy trash like this. Boring, old & seen it all before. Activision blizzard are just so dull. These games are a good place to keep all the kids & morons on a few servers while the rest of us normal people get on & play all the other various games that are available.