PS5 Leaked Cold Boot Video Shows Impressively Fast Load Time

Sony has yet to show the official UI for the PlayStation 5, but a leaked video has shown PS5 starting from a cold boot and it is impressively fast.

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rlow1472d ago

Not bad, I like the sparks flying around towards the end of the sequence.

potatoseal472d ago

It's from an OLD dev kit. Totally unoptimized

smashman98472d ago

What are you basing this off? Not being confrontational just genuinely curious

RpgSama472d ago

I don't know if it's real, but I'm more interested about how fast it turns on from sleep mode, I RARELY turn my ps4 completely off, so going from cold while nice to know it's not something terribly important to me, 95% of the time I boot it up from sleep mode.

It's going to be an interesting next couple of days, super curious about a lot of things, specially the new UI.

Drew345472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Apparently the strorage space was leaked, too

bouzebbal472d ago

Not sure what I had to look at?? What's impressive in this?

Nick_515472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

I heard the same thing; that it was an old dev kit. regardless, it's a cold boot and not what i'll see 99% of the time

sushimama472d ago

- Dualsense PS button not blinking during startup sequence
- Dualsense touchpad lights already up before the boot
- DualSense seems to made by 3D printer
- Black wireless controller to hide it's fake


potatoseal472d ago

@smashman either that or it's FAKE. The black controller? Really? The controller lights are already on before the boot up begins. This smells like TOTAL BS

MagUk472d ago

That’s right dev kits don’t get updates.

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Obscure_Observer472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

It took 23 seconds!

How´s that "Impressively Fast Load Time"?

smashman98472d ago

You have to consider the fact that the warning might be required. I'm really interested in whether or not Sony's quick resume can fully rival MS, if not exceed it. Either way I'm so ready for Nov 12th and De....
struction Derby.

Thats a joke Definitely can't wait for Demon's Souls. I will platinum it again.

potatoseal472d ago

I will be honest. If it turns out the the retail console takes 23 seconds to boot up to homescreen, I'll be a little bit disappointed. It should not take that long.

Computersaysno472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

My PS3 with a garbage tier SSD is comfortably faster. 20 seconds from the PS button on the controller to controlling the XMB.

GamerRN472d ago

Yeah, I wasn't impressed either... Still keeping pre order but overall I think fast load times are being given too much hype

472d ago
TheScotsman472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Anyone seen the xbox series x cold boot time yet?

sushimama472d ago


-Dualsense PS button not blinking during startup sequence
-Dualsense touchpad lights already up before the boot
-DualSense seems to made by 3D printer
-Black wireless controller to hide it's fake

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GottaBjimmyb472d ago

For all the talk of the performance of the SSD, 24 seconds isn't that great TBH.

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DerfDerf472d ago

2 seconds slower than the series x cold boot which is interesting.

COS472d ago

I wouldn't be so worried, I am sure there will be software updates to speed up boot time, I would be more worried about the 662Gb of usable space, that is not a lot w/o a second matching drive option.

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shadowT472d ago

I can remember that part of this sequence was also shown during Playstation Showcase Event.

Saigon472d ago

Someone in reddit said it was similar to this video

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zsquaresoff472d ago

Are people really not noticing a black controller in the video? Looks fake but who really knows.

Sony really needs to come out and share all the information regarding ps5 or else someone will leak valuable information like it happened to Microsoft with series s and price reveal.

S2Killinit472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Tomorrow is scheduled for more info.

arkard472d ago

@s2 link? I haven't seen anything for tomorrow.

IRetrouk472d ago

Japanese youtubers hands on, not sure what else is planned but thats deffo the start of the info rush I think.

472d ago
S2Killinit472d ago

Its a hands on event on youtube. I forget what was the official name for the event though.

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smashman98472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

I noticed it. But if its a devkit it would be different. But honestly, it looked like a skin to me.

Edit: on second viewing on a bigger screen it did not look like a skin to me.

boing1472d ago

Black controller is real.

derek472d ago

Or they won't and it still won't matter.

Skate-AK472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Maybe black controllers are dev controllers so they can keep track of them. Kinda like that crazy paint job MS gave to Durango.

Teflon02472d ago

Naw lol. Maybe it's the video but it seems 3D printed. And the startup could be similar. But I'm pretty sure with the controller being in before the button was pressed that as tleast the controller was fake or they would have showed UI operation

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purple101472d ago

Well we just have to wait till tomorrow for the official youtube videos from japan

SpadeX472d ago

It's not really fast, but I think that's to be expected because this doesn't show any sense of validity or perhaps the leaker was running a dev kit.

crazyCoconuts472d ago

I don't know if it's legit, but it's not that fast. Assuming XSX cold boot is truly a cold boot, it's around the same speed if not faster? And Xbox has traditionally used a significantly heavier OS architecture, so along with the faster drive I expected significantly faster for PS5

Grilla472d ago

Yup, I would expect something under 10 seconds.

Bender6502472d ago

'And Xbox has traditionally used a significantly heavier OS architecture' You mean bloated OS?

Rhythmattic472d ago (Edited 472d ago )


I guess sony moreso have implemented Hardware BC, due to architecture changes , with hardware, They tried software emulation with the PS3 , but their expertise is more the hardware and add an OS,modifying FreeBSD which is Open Source.
MS with the years of OS experience, (whether good or bad) are running VM's I believe ....
This is something apple has always been good at.. Every CPU change has had a smooth transition (arguably , but I say incredible technically) considering a complete architutre change.. 6800 > G4 > G5> Intel... OS9 > OSX....
This is something MS def have the advantage in on sony... Code.
The approach by Apple was an API , the code called Rosetta, This is years before MS ran PPC instructions on Intel x86, Rosetta was removed from OSX 10.7 thus streamlining the OS, but of course outdating older machines...
But using VM's I imagine wouldn't Bloat the OS Footprint, Just a bit more of a hit to CPU and Ram....Maybe..
Just my thoughts on info I have read... No more than that.

smashman98472d ago

Hello fellow inFamous stan,

I don't expect the cold boot to be much faster than this. I'm not saying that as a mark against PlayStation. For me where the SSD is going to matter is in boot from sleep mode, game switching, and then obviously the in-game advancements like we've seen in Ratchet and Clank and Demon's Souls.