Devil May Cry 5 – Demon boys done badly

Nevada Dru from Bits & Pieces analyses DMC 5's tone, characters and narrative.

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TheOptimist58d ago

I have so many problems with this article
I understand the frustration over the mission selection being locked to characters. But the whole complaint about mastery? You have the Bloody Palace for that.

As for the part about Dante being overpowered, well at some point in the 5 games he is supposed to get more powerful (?). That's a proper narrative arc. If an underdog is always an underdog there is no progression.

The part about transitioning to different levels via silly actions. Yeah, they could have cut that in the previous games as well.

The whole thing about DmC having some kind of "greater" purpose is just fake. They couldn't have made it in any more cringe inducing. One semi-valid complaint is the sexualization of the women. If they weren't there in the story, shouldn't have sexualized them.

And btw, I am not saying DMC5 is perfect. But it has other issues - level design, arms hidden behind a paywall, etc etc