Analyzing Xbox and PlayStation's Contrasting Approaches to Next-Generation

Ainsley Bowden for SG: "After what seems like an eternity, we finally have a relatively clear launch picture for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. With that in mind, I felt it was time to provide analysis and insight into the contrasting strategies of the two companies..."

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rlow151d ago

Good, long article that is very accurate of the past and present. I do believe the shakeup at Sony on the executive level has led to them being more secretive. But both consoles are in a strong position with next gen Consoles.

Silly gameAr51d ago

I think Sony is much more secretive because they had so many leaks. Remember when they used to send out things to the gaming press to test that was supposed to be secret, and then it would end up leaked out of nowhere?

I think Sony caught on that there were people leaking, so now they play everything close to the chest. Can't say I blame them.

Sunny_D50d ago

They need to stop being so secretive now. There are leaks of the UI going around and it’s just looks bad with how blurry it is. They need to just start doing a information blowout week. There’s about a month left and it’s really agonizing.

rlow150d ago

I agree with you on containing leaks and avoiding embarrassing moments. But by now they should really start opening up. With just over a month, it's kind of pointless.

waverider51d ago

Its easy to see one didnt learn nothing from this gen and starts the next gen with the same problem, zero blockbusters games to hype gamers. The other Starts the next gen with bang! Exclusives and more exclusives....

itsmebryan51d ago

Please explain. Because maybe you forgot they called the PS4 the "Indie station" because of lack of 1st party games at launch and the first year. Drive Club was going to be the Forza " Killer" ! Launch game. It was delayed a year and was released broken. When it came out PSN crashed and was out for days.

Who are you saying didn't learn? I think MS learned from the Xbox one launch to be transparent and not to confuse the customer. They has released a lot of information leading up to launch, have given out consoles for independent hands on. But, Sony is still holding information with about a month from launch. No hands on reviews, no hands on with even a mock up of the system or controllers, . Since the PS5 has. 175gd smaller SSD they still haven't to anyone the price of storage expansion. How Backwards compatible works is confusing. Do you have to pay for a service to play the games you already own? Are they going to do like last generation and make up pay for a remastered version of a game you already own and charge you $70.

Why isn't Sony more transparent this generation? Xbox learned it's lesson this time around for the same price as the PS5 you get a more powerful system , with more storage, almost twice the 1st party studios, and game pass (the greatest gaming value in the industry).

51d ago
waverider51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Dude they got multiple games at launch for all ages. Its only confusing for xbox gamers. The others dont think that. A remastered game its not a game Just with higher rez or frames... Storage? 3rd party will be free to make them, but Microsoft doesnt do that and it cost almost the same as the cross gen series s... With series x You got a console like the x, most powerfull and with zero blockbusters games at launch. It floped this gen. Dont need gamepass to play old games. I like owning my games, dont like gaas games, more studios doesnt mean quality games. Still waiting to see new games running on the series x. Not old ones on a 500 console. The greatest VALUE in videogaming are great games not services. The only thing Microsoft gamers know to talk, because they dont have games to talk about. While other talk about spiderman, demons souls, destruction, godfall and so on, You and other talk about how great is to play old games on a brand New console.... Amazing stuff. Bottom line. Microsoft should have prepared the launch with great games that show gamers why they should buy the series x. The reality is that we are still waiting for them. The same that happend for 7 years. Thats why Sony and Nintendo are light years ahead of microsoft in every single country in the world. That why both sell much more games and consoles then Microsoft, thats why all 3rd party studios make more money with them and they got more games then Microsoft without begging them to port them and forcing Microsoft to pay them to get their games...

ZeroBlue251d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Because that's what makes them money, they've discovered they don't have to make great exclusives to make money, and they can't really compete with Sony in that area anyway, so they're going the games service route. For this to be a successful model, they can't afford to focus too much on big budget AAA games, but rather a steady supply of smaller games that lend themselves better to gamepass.

agent453251d ago

Now you pique my interest

UltimateRacer50d ago

That’s spot on, MS can’t compete with Sony quality First Party titles but at the moment gamepass isn’t packed with top quality games and won’t be in the future also with MS making no money from gamepass as they have stated it won’t be long before price rise on all platforms for gamepass.

agent453251d ago

Agreed, Microsoft is moving away from videogame consoles to a service. Despite buying Zenimax, some not all games coming to other systems....