Microsoft has started informing retailers of their Xbox Series X launch day allocation

UK retailer ShopTo says some Xbox Series X pre-orders won’t arrive on day one following a stock update from Microsoft.

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Father__Merrin1391d ago

Same with ps5 not everyone who pre orders will get one. Most stock will be available to buy on launch day but it's likely you won't find an Xbox or ps5

morganfell1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

It isn’t just that. This article is basically a lie. Microsoft has not started informing retailers. Sony did not start informing retailers. It isn’t retailers. It isn’t plural. It’s one seller that took reservations before dates were even announced and overextended themselves. Now this article is miss informing the public and making it look as if it’s multiple outlets and both Microsoft and Sony or failing to meet established allocations. That isn’t true.

morganfell1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )


Same site wrote the same article with an identical headline about the same outlet doing the same thing with the PS5.


Hootzor1391d ago

Completely agree, exactly the same headline and it is literally exactly this. How does this stuff get through? Angers me greatly.

GamerRN1391d ago

Sony has notified now than 3 retailers that they might be short. Just fyi

morganfell1391d ago

Not as of the time they wrote the article. And they didn’t mention that. In the PS5 article they discussed Amazon possibly delaying but did not link it to Sony being the reason. You should link those instances where it’s actually Sony notifying a retailer. FYI.

morganfell1391d ago

@ GamerRN,

Otherwise I will take your silence as, yeah I hear that somewhere or I made that up.

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potatoseal1391d ago

"One for you.... one for you... aaaaaaand one for you..... and you"

1390d ago
S2Killinit1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Soo same thing they were complaining about when the retailers said they couldnt deliver all the PS5 preorders they took.

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gold_drake1d 2h ago

and it keeps happening for xbox

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fr0sty3h ago

Another example of S holding things back.


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