Nintendo is arguing that Joy-Con drift ‘isn’t a real problem or hasn’t caused any inconvenience’

Law firm behind class action suit asks consumers for video accounts of issues they have experienced…

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Doge59d ago

If it wasn't a problem, then Furukawa wouldn't have publicly apologized for any inconvenience caused by it back in June.

This is a huge issue and it should've been rectified years ago.

_SilverHawk_59d ago

Nintendo makes pure rubbish so if you buy their products you know what to expect

bouzebbal59d ago

You are wrong.. I think they always built extremely solid hardware.. I never had to split any of them and clean it.. They all run so quietly and are built to last.. I still have the immortal gamecube alive and kicking.

Switch is another story.. I can barely imagine what would harken if it falls on the floor.. Joycons drift isn't the only issue.. Sync issues, battery dying so quickly and stick not clicking when pressed down are very common problems.. As long time Nintendo fan I think they screwed up this machine.. Joycon are tiny , the SL SR attachment is so small you can lose it anywhere.

fitofficial59d ago

You can generally drop kick most Nintendo consoles and they'll still work. Not sure what you mean.

AirRevenant58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

My nintendo experiences:

I recall a gameboy that fell two stories onto lose rocks, and survived with narry a dent.

NES, SNES still working.

Gamecube that was launched off a 6 foot dresser by a college roommate, while in operation - also still running.

A Wii, which Nintendo repaired for free from a smoke damage issue that triggers a manufacturing defect,

And now, they replaced my joy cons also for free, last year...

So... Of all my systems, I had 2 very minor problems and they repaired them 100% at their expense.

Wish I could say the same for my ps2 that stopped playing dvds, the ps3 that melted inside during a hot summer, or those red rings of death xboxes...

And before everybody whines NiNtEnDo FaNbOy!!! My ps4 I love, but the eject button was trash and had to be removed to prevent autoeject constantly occuring.

badz14958d ago

Hey who cares? Steve is in Smash now woohoo...Nintendo rocks!

Muzikguy58d ago

I don't know why they would even say this. Of course drift is an issue. Nobody buys a controller if it's going to move on its own.

ZeroBlue259d ago

My girlfriend has completely stopped playing Animal Crossing, a game she absolutely loves, because she says the drift has made it unplayable.

RememberThe35759d ago

According to Nintendo she's a lier. Great company...


I suggest you buy her the accessories below. This is the setup I use. I've had the controller for a year with no drift (incredibly well-made) and it comes with a 3 year warranty. The HyperX Clutch extends your battery by 5 hours and gives you a sturdier kickstand.

Nintendo is acting like a spoiled child right now, but don't allow their mistakes to get in the way of playing games that have already been purchased.

Aussiesummer58d ago

So she'd rather stop playing the game she absolutely loves than get a new non joy con controller. Right.

execution1758d ago

Why would you want to waste roughly $100 on something thats going to last a few months because of how poorly built they are

MetroidFREAK2159d ago

Nintendo c'mon now... don't do this.

Chocoburger59d ago

Nintendo, the pinnacle of integrity. This is what happens when your ego overcomes everything. The success of the Switch has turned Nintendo back into their old selves again.

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The story is too old to be commented.