Immortals Fenyx Rising Has Microtransactions

PP: Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world adventure game Immortals Fenyx Rising will indeed have in-game purchases.

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potatoseal1096d ago

A Ubisoft game will have Microtransactions? Impossible /s

At least we know games like Spider-Man and Demon's Souls won't have Microtransactions

phoenixwing1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

This makes the game a wait instead of a day 1 because of how bad oddesey was for me. It barely was bearable to play. So now I have to wait and ask people if it's as bad to progress as oddesey or worse.

Oddesey pretty much required every side quest in order to advance so they could sell xp boosters

potatoseal1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

I platinumed Odyssey, but I agree 100% with you. A wait and see approach might actually be a good idea. I barely trust them. Probably going to be a grindfest of a game. But we'll see

Christopher1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

***Oddesey pretty much required every side quest in order to advance so they could sell xp boosters***

Well, that's how most games like that work. I mean, you can finish the game without hitting max level, so why would you think you wouldn't here? I mean, that's pretty much how The Witcher and similar games work as well. I got to 50 75% into the game doing the main quests and story-specific side quests. That's not asking too much for a game that doesn't even require you to max out to finish.

I will agree that post-game, when they upped the level to 99, you definitely had to work overly hard to get to 99. I never did it, but ended at only level 70 or so with everything done. But, to get to 99, you absolutely had to do those lame filler quests from the statues.

Edit: I also agree, though, wait for sales to pick up the "complete" editions for Ubisoft games. Though Fenix seems to be more about backtracking a ton as you pick up new abilities to complete puzzles and what not and not about levels. Even the items in the game don't have levels, just features.

DreadfulHero1096d ago

Incorrect. I skipped dozens of sidequests and beat the game just fine. There were a few areas that I couldn't get to right away that required level 50, but by that point I was at level 50 when the story progress took me there anyway. I turned on level scaling. That might've helped. I would recommend anyone do the same thing for Valhalla if it's available. The only thing that was wrong with Odyssey (besides pretty much all the islands looking exactly the same, save for a few), was that the world was too big. Like, way too big. When I played GTAIII and this whole "open world" concept really started to grab me, I never thought I would someday complain about game worlds being too big. Yet here we are.

LordoftheCritics1095d ago

So basically this game is going to be a sluggish playthrough.

Extermin8or3_1095d ago

You basically had to buy the 2x Xperia booster. It doubled xp you got from stuff permanently and cost like 5 pounds. I actually gave in and bought it because I was enjoying the gsme enough but I was furious that I felt forced to buy it just to make the game .

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senorfartcushion1095d ago

It's similar to a Starlink kids game anyway. Not worth it really.

boing11096d ago

Which ubi game didn't have them lately?

Kaii1096d ago

This is my issue with this shithole garbage company, Imagine making games for players to play at their OWN pace only for these greedy retarded fucks to offer xp boosts or resource purchases, like for real?
It was proven with the last Dead Space if you weave resources into MTX you corrupt the core structure of your game, wait till Easter when this is 75% off.

NEXUS-61096d ago

Ubisoft are on the list titled - Don't from these scumbags - and it seems that increases yearly instead of degreasing.

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