Hit Survival RPG Outward Rated for Stadia Release

PS: Stadia players may be getting a new RPG to sink far too much time into soon.

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60d ago
isarai60d ago

Such an underrated gem, i really hope they can build on it with a sequel.

jznrpg60d ago

It’s rough around the edges for sure but it gets better once you get the hang of it

MeteorPanda59d ago

wtf, the games a fucking mess... the multiplayer is still a laggy joke with bugs. story quests can fuck up if you do them in the wrong order so it's both open world and linear at the same time, theres unknown timed events....the combats dogshit, there's clearly a meta - some spells are worthless. melee is death most the time - bows or magic or die?

fist weapons was the big dlc thing and they made it so close range you can bug out in their hitboxes...

this isn't a "gem" it's a niche game some people want to like but it fails to deliver.

anast59d ago

Good to know. I was thinking about picking it up.

MeteorPanda59d ago

l wanted to play this everytime l saw a patch but the game kept saying no with how bad it is for multiplayer.