Amazon Features Several Games Under $10 & $15 For PS4 & Xbox One

Daily Video Game writes: "The online retailer Amazon is featuring a bunch of select popular games on sale under 10 and 15 dollars for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now! If you want to play new games without spending a lot of money, now's the time!"

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FTLmaster591d ago

Fairplay, F76 is a decent deal at that price.

Keyblade591d ago

the only decent deal for F76 is if someone pays you to play it

Spikeantestor591d ago (Edited 591d ago )

Fyi, Shenmue 3 is also on sale for 7.99 at Best Buy.

If you buy it through them you get free in store pick up + a very nice steel case.

Duke19591d ago

Finally can get my copy of Soccer, Tactics & Glory at a reasonable price!

/s (wtf even is that game)

Silly gameAr591d ago

Just bought Shenmue 3. Can't pass it up at that price.