Celebrate half a decade of Dying Light with the new Anniversary Edition

Neil writes: "Back in 2015 Techland released a game that would mix up the zombie genre once and for all. That game was Dying Light; it was - and still is - a bit of a masterpiece. In fact, across the five years that have since passed us by, it's still thought of as one of the premier zombie experiences available on console. If you haven't played it, there is now no excuse as Techland have dropped a full Dying Light - Anniversary Edition to the world. And this comes with about as much content as you'll ever need."

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Kaii116d ago

The fact Its 5yrs later and they still support this game Is pretty admirable.

Dab116d ago

Here's your free stuff...O wait...we can still make a dollar

116d ago
BillyG0AT116d ago

Yayy let's celebrate by selling you the game again!

Seriously though, this is one of the best games ever made. Can't wait for DL2!

wiz7191116d ago

They should of did a patch for the upgraded consoles. Dying Light is a good looking game but it has it’s roughness , would of been nice to see it in 4K.