World of Warcraft Expansion Shadowlands Delayed to Later This Year

Today Blizzard announced that the release of World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion Shadowlands has been delayed.

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Kaii64d ago

Don't really play anymore but I can appreciate'em delaying the game for it to be eventually good, hopefully.

TheScotsman64d ago

Why after all these years can't they put this on console.
It's not a keyboard and mouse thing, maybe it's a patch thing, but it kinda locks out 150 million xbox and PS users? Seems a shame as there isn't really anything stoping it apart from beurocracy from the platform owners

kryteris63d ago

That final fantasy patches similarly, on the ps5 the hardware is very on par with pc. Shouldn't be an issue. They are also adding controller support in shadowlands.

raiden_18863d ago

The last one I played was Burning Crusade. I think It would be too much to catch up on to get back into it.