Vader Immortal: PSVR - Skewed 'n Reviewed

The classic V.R. Series Star Wars: Vader Immortal has finally arrived for the Playstation V.R. and it is without a doubt the most immersive Star Wars experience available short of taking a trip to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge says Skewed and Reviewed in a new review.

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VenomUK24d ago

Nice review. I want to see what it's like with Darth Vader standing in front of me staring me down!

Garethvk24d ago

That was awesome. Without spoiling things there are other moments that are great simply from a looking around and exploring. I will say riding over Lava Flows was awesome.

Garethvk24d ago

Deflecting blasters was also a win but the biggest thrill for me was makingthe jump to Hyperspace.

gamefreaks36523d ago

Love the concept here. At least in the trailer, it also looks good graphically for a PSVR title.

Garethvk23d ago

My only issue was with movement. I had times in a dark area I could not see as the Droid was on top of me and it blocked what I could see. There was also a moment where Vader asked me to take something and I could not get it from his hand or get close enough to do it.