What is The Future of Super Mario?

Sung Lee: Mario recently celebrated his 35th anniversary. What could possibly be next for the plucky Italian plumber?

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Pego117d ago

A new Mario is Missing game would be a dream come true for dozens of us.

Rebel_Scum117d ago

When is the lad gonna settle down with a nice girl.

King_Noctis117d ago

He’s been chasing Peach for all his life. Time for Mario to starting finding a new girl.

TravsVoid117d ago

Saving her doesn't mean he had any alternative motive. 🤫

Tacoboto117d ago

Super Mario Odyssey had all the content in the world, I'm played out on that kind of Mario.

I'd love a new 2D Mario or a smaller, focused 3D World sequel

TravsVoid117d ago

I got to the level after mexico and lost interest. It's been a while and I still haven't played it again but Breath of the Wild was the opposite I had to sink all my time into it until I beat it. Which is weird because up to this point I had never beat a Zelda game before but I had beat almost every Mario game.

Tiqila117d ago

Super Mario Land, ... World, ... Galaxy, logically the next game would be Super Mario Universe

Oywee117d ago

a 3-D remake of the 1988 NES-version of Super Mario Bros. 2 could have been an awesome idea! :)

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