Shadow of the Tomb Raider 4K Benchmark RTX 3090 vs RTX 2080 Ti vs GTX 1080 Ti

CG writes: Here we take a look at some of our old footage and new using Shadow Of the Tomb Raider 4K benchmark with our old cards. We first benchmarked the game using a GTX 1080 Ti FE, then an RTX 2080 Ti FE and just recently with the RTX 3090. We’re using the exact same Ultra settings for each run at 4K resolution.

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Marquinho19d ago

RTX 3080 is where it's at, not 3090. There's a difference of roughly 10-15% between them and the 3090 costs double.

Pretty bad comparison btw... there are a lot of better comparison videos in YouTube.

pocolocoX19d ago

The 3090 isn't meant for gamers but the option is there to blow money. It's more for prosumers who would use it for other purpose

Marquinho19d ago

Yet, it was promoted as a 8K gaming card.

Anyway, it's clearly not worth it for gaming only.

Father__Merrin19d ago

The high end GPUs have incredible brute force power

No_Pantaloons19d ago

They need to leave the 3090 out of tests like this. It's a Titan card that nvidia is purposely renaming to confuse consumers into thinking its the flagship gaming card. If someone with deep pockets wants to game with it, that's their business, but we shouldn't allow it to be promoted in such a a way.