We need to talk about the cost of next-gen video games

Next-gen video games cost £70 - this is something that has become apparent in the last month.

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Hakuoro1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

I blame all the people who defended this after the 2k leak. If so many people hadn't defended it I feel like people could have turned the tide. Now we have opened a Pandora's box to raise game prices every generation.

morganfell1086d ago

People would not have turned the tide. Companies were making projections 2, 3, 5 years ahead.

Hakuoro1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

Publishers were making plans for loot boxes in single player games and people basically shut that nonsense down.

morganfell1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

Far different matter. Completely off the mark. $70 games were not be investigated by governments. You are missing the mark on the reason they are disappearing. They were there because people were buying them, and if people had continued screaming they would still be there because people were buying them anyway. The people did not stop loot boxes.

RgR1086d ago

Not a different matter. Look what happened to battlefront 2 with their monetization.

People made a difference.

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JackBNimble1086d ago

So don't buy games... make a difference!

ThereGoThatManQ1085d ago

PS1 $40 was the norm. PS2 bumped it up to $50. PS3 saw it rise to $60 where it has stayed up until now. Even with ps1 the norm was $50 until late in the console's life cycle when more games started being released at $40

This is normal business.

Quit complaining and save money

indysurfn1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Really are you THAT GULLIBLE?! When companies are making PREDICTIONS they are actually TESTING you to see if you will fight back or lay down. It does NOT take a genuis to realize which one you did since your still unawhere of basic marketing, and are still defending. They dont just come out and ask you do you want to pay 59.99 for games or 69.99 for games?

indysurfn1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

You dont have to do what companies predict! VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET.....NOT with YOUR KNEES!

When they make a prediction they are test marketing...Vote with conviction .......Not with compliance!

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lociefer1086d ago

My man, people defended mtx, charging for next-gen upgrade, and some have even defended EA when it charged for used games' online access. Stupidity knows no bounds

Hakuoro1086d ago


If people had actually stood up to those things and actually complained we wouldn't have had those things last as long as they have.

NecrumOddBoy1086d ago

The $70 price wasn't a huge issue for me, initially. I remember $90-120 SEG games and all those $75 N64 games. We had it pretty good; however, these games are still getting digital deluxe and special editions that are up to $90 and more. I get that games cost more to make, but we shouldn't have to fork out more for these deluxe versions. I am not going to pay $90 to get some extra DLC or skins for whatever game. A game like FF XVI can be $100 if it includes everything. Don't charge me $20 on top of the main game for the Cactuar summon and some ramen cup hats...

ApocalypseShadow1086d ago

I don't believe it's the defense of $70. It's more of a defense of, or the will, to buying a complete, high quality, unbroken, low or no patches needed, no micro transactions, no loot boxes, lengthy game that's worth buying. Since most journalists have sold out to advertising and swag, it comes down to waiting on certain games before buying automatically. At least for me.

I also understand that it takes money, man power and time to make these next generation games. The cost isn't going to go down. Everything has mostly gone up. Food, taxes, living, etc. Not surprised game development would go up besides some developers greed.

Personally, I won't be buying games at $70. I've learned over the years that I don't need something right away or at the price a manufacturer starts with at launch. Back in the past, I would say I was guilty of buying Virtual Racing and one or two Phantasy Star games on Genesis for $80 or above. That never happened again. They were awesome games. But I'd never do that again unless a game is unimaginably rich with content. Like it was two games in one. But I'm not going to stop another gamer for supporting a high quality game at launch if they can afford it.

Since I'm more frugal, these companies aren't targeting me. They'd lose the battle of wills. Just like I'm winning the battle of wills of not paying for online or subscriptions to games, EA, Ubisoft or Activision games. I'd win on not buying $70 games unless they floored me on a ridiculous amount of quality and replay ability that I couldn't refuse and needed supporting so that other developers learned from it.

smashman981086d ago

Lol you think people bitching online is going to change anything. Nah. Vote with your wallets. Buy it or don't. That's all there is to it. All there ever was. For me, this isn't a big deal. Day one I will be picking up 6 ps5 games. For my buddy, he says he's waiting until games drop in price. No one is forcing anyone to pay anything.


I can't believe people thought game prices were gonna stay 59.99 forever lol. You guys....

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NeoGamer2321085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

People set value prices in their head for pretty much everything we buy.

Smart people set the price and wait for the price. It is only hard core "buy on day one" gamers that go and pay the day one price. This will make some people rethink buying on day one, but for the most part $10 won't sway the addicts that buy on day one.

I used to be a day one addict. $10 would not have changed my thought process on buying. The only thing that changed it was we had two kids and my gaming time disappeared for a while, then I realized how much I was spending on games and actively worked to reduce it.

Now I set a price based on what I hear about a game and wait for the game to get to that price. If it doesn't, I have a major backlog to dip into so don't care.

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Bronbron921085d ago

A bunch of gamers complaining about the price of a game wouldn’t change anything, that’s like saying if everything complained enough about the series s being 299$ Microsoft would change it they wouldn’t at all but people will still buy it

indysurfn1085d ago

those dislike votes are the sellouts in the flesh!

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NomadR3aper1086d ago

It was inevitable. As long as people pay they'll keep raising the cost. Just look at how Iphones sell out after constant rising prices well over $1200, people will pay anything.

specialguest1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Yeah. I feel like the industry gradually started pushing boundaries on what consumers are willing to pay. DLC, micro transactions, content locked behind a paywall, and later overpriced DLC. There's been uproars over the years, but not enough to convince the majority to take a stand. Now we're here at this price hike

Sambuchi1086d ago

Yeah games cost more to make these days but the size of the audience that these companies sell to currently has to be way bigger than before. This is just greed. Wait for the sales.

smashman981086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

I will not wait for sales. Demon's souls and Miles Morales day one.

as well as
-Destruction Derby
-The Pathless

smashman981084d ago

Lol I don't understand the disagrees. I will in fact be purchasing all these games. I've paid off my ps5 and will be trading in my PS4 and Xbox one to cover the games

Omnisonne1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

I mean, that's why sales are a thing.. they want your money one way or another (let's face it, most of us have other expenses besides gaming)
I usually try to gauge how much enjoyment or gaming time I will be getting out of a game, and base my price off of that. Most games, with few exceptions this gen, I've bought around the 25-30$ range on sales.

Seraphim1086d ago

that's just it. The companies are making record numbers in sales & profits. Corporate greed. On top of that we do already have a scheme/scam that includes $60, $70/$80, $100, and even $120-200+ packages for any given big name game. In the $70-100 range it's usually just some dlc crap and maybe a steel book.... But that's my biggest problem. The current structure allows the consumer to decide whether or not they spend $60, $80 or $100+ for any particular game.

$60 games to kick off the PS3 era was disappointing. I'd say I got over it but I never truly did. The PS2 gen I had bought at least 400 PS4 games. Plus however many Gamecube and Xbox games. PS3 I have about 100 atm so maybe I bought 150. For the 360 I'm not sure how many games I had before selling it but we'll call it about 30. I try to not sell any games but sometimes over the years I just clean house and decide particular titles aren't worth keeping. This gen I don't think I've even bought 100. Even if I throw in Switch titles I'm not at 100. Looking at my shelf, each row holds 50 and I have roughly 1.5 rows of PS4 titles along with maybe a dozen [purchased] digital titles. Obviously that doesn't include indie and digital only titles which I don't tend buy a lot of anyway.

With $70 games I'd be willing to bet I might not even buy 50 games next gen. I've always insisted on purchasing games, supporting the developers and companies instead of renting them. Instead of buying them and trading them back in after a week, etc, etc. But I'm afraid next gen I'll be renting more games. Especially but not limited to games I'd normally buy that I know can be played in a few nights. There was a point where I was buying a game a week. Or even 3 games a month. That time has long since passed. $200 got you 4+ games in the PS2 era. I say 4+ because there were quite a few $40 titles mid-late PS2/XB cycle. Last gen and this gen $180 got you 3 games. Now it'll cost $210 for 3 games and all those numbers don't include the $2.53 or more in tax on each title. I'll look for more games that I can play for months on end. Games that I know are going to last me a solid 2 weeks or more. I finally gave up Destiny 2 this Summer due to sun-setting but honestly, I'm second guessing that due to $70 games. I need something to fill my time and I can't afford to fill it with $70 titles. Food for thought. 2 games a month at $70 is an extra $240 annually. Over 7 years that's $1,680. $10 a month more a good portion of us simply don't have because as everything around continues to increase in price our wages have remained stagnant.

indysurfn1085d ago

Hmmmm yeah renting is going to take off more......too bad for the suckers that only have a digital ONLY console! FULL $70 price and NOT ABILITY TO RENT!

smashman981084d ago

If it is a sony exclusive 9 out of 10 times I will purchase day one.
If its a game I'm really excited for I will purchase it.
If it's a game I'm interested in I will wait for reviews from my favorite reviewers and based on what they say I'll make a decision.
Otherwise, I will wait for sales or preowned deals on ebay or gamestop.

In terms of new Day one games I will usually buy 15-25 a year. Used games can be as much as 70 games and as little as 3 games. Finally games through digital sales and big box retailers will work out to about 24-36 games.

patriz4201086d ago

Simple solution gamepass+ps5. 70$ for top ps5 exclusives is reasonable, gamepass for the rest. Problem solved.

PitbullMonster1086d ago

Not every game comes day one to gamepass.

patriz4201084d ago

Who plays every brand new game that releases? Seriously? Lmao most new titles go half off 2nd week..you can wait 5+ years for a game but not 2 weeks for a sale? Oh boy...cry me a river.