Was Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep a Masterpiece or an Exercise in Tedium?

Overall, Birth By Sleep is an important slice of the Kingdom Hearts series, and shouldn’t be missed out on if you’re looking to get into the series. Granted, some of the features and moment-to-moment gameplay is lost when it transitioned from the PSP to modern consoles. But nonetheless, one can’t deny its overall importance to the story and the impact of its mechanics and systems to the series overall.

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curtain_swoosh349d ago

i like it, but its just too much "friendships are the key to our power" bs.
don't get me started on them minigames lol

i think the game had tremendous potential for essential online gaming and other things. but they didnt do a whole lot with it in the remaster.

i would, however, consider it to be one of the harder games in the series, which is good