Microsoft’s Bethesda Buyout Will Push Out More Xbox Consoles But Won’t Impact PS5 – Michael Pachter

So what impact does Pachter think the Microsoft-ZeniMax deal will have on Sony and the PS5 in the short term? “Not much,” says Pachter, who thinks that it will be with games coming in 2021 and beyond – when Microsoft starts releasing exclusive Bethesda content – that the impact will start to be felt.

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potatoseal22d ago

Anyone who seriously thinks it's going to impact PS5 and it's Sales is a fool.

digger1822d ago

Even though I’ve pre ordered a PS5, I’m thinking of cancelling. Fallout 4 and Skyrim and two of the games I played the most. If the next fallout or elder scrolls is only on the Xbox, then that’s what I will buy

RazzerRedux22d ago

" If the next fallout or elder scrolls is only on the Xbox, then that’s what I will buy"

You may have to wait a year or two to find out.

Father__Merrin22d ago

What if Bethesda publish on PS5? Then what? there's more evidence they will, specifically Bethesda publishes games they even stated they are continuing working on the same games

DJStotty22d ago


"What if Bethesda publish on PS5?"

Then PS5 gamers will be buying Microsoft 1st party games, won't they?

Lexreborn222d ago

They already said that all previously announced titles are still coming on PS5. So the star game, Skyrim and other games are still going to PS5. Anything unannounced we won’t see for maybe another 3-5 years. Which if you bought a PS5 and chose not to take full advantage of its library for that time it falls on you


That's the smart play because even if these games are on the PS5, you will undoubtedly have perks on Xbox that PS5 owners won't get (the option to play the game on Game Pass without having to buy it outright, exclusive features, better performance due to more powerful hardware, the game may debut on Xbox 6 months or 1 year before the PS5 version).

People need to stop simping for plastic boxes. Get the console that has the experiences that cater to you personally.

KyRo22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

You're willing to give up a console from a company that has countless GOTY awards and nominations covering a whole range of genres for a console that has a very mixed bag of titles because they now own Bethesda? Bethesda Softworks (not Tango, ID etc) produce some of the most dated, unpolished, poorly optimised, glitchy, graphically dated by release, poorly voice acted videos games in the industry but get a free pass from the media, when other games that have the same issues get slated for it.

Each to their own I guess but of all the games Bethesda have under their belt, ES and Fallout are the last I would want to play.


"You're willing to give up a console from a company that has countless GOTY awards and nominations...."

KyRo, it seems like you're trying to solidify your OWN beliefs as opposed to helping someone make a good purchase. First of all, BOTW got tons of GOTY awards and nominations, but the consensus on N4G is that it's overrated. RDR2 won GOTY and a ton of people find it boring.

I feel the exact same way about most Sony exclusives. All the Uncharteds, Horizon, and God of War were traded in right after I beat them. The only three exclusives that stood out to me were Yakuza 0 (now on Xbox), Persona 5 (coming to Switch eventually), and Infamous Second Son.

GOTY awards and nominations mean absolutely nothing to most gamers. Sekiro won it last year and no one even talks about that game anymore

boing122d ago

You don't need to cancel. Those will be available on PS5. They will want their money back.

itsmebryan22d ago

To you other guys where has MS said it will make these games available on PS5. If they wanted timed exclusives like Sony they didn't have to buy the whole company for $7.5 billion CASH.

They are already saying Starfield is going to be a Xbox/PC exclusive. Why don't you think the rest will be too? People forget the PC market is huge and they don't need PS5 to make their money back. You also forget the games will stream on Android and iOS which is a market Sony can't touch. Remember most PS owners have PCs anyway according to all the comments saying"I have no reason to buy a Xbox because I can play all their games on my PC." So, they already have the PS5 owners money.

Now MS has the most powerful console and the most studios to produce the most exclusives that can be played everywhere but, PS5. And we didn't even get to gamepass for less then the price of 2 $70 PS5 games ($10 a month) you can have access to a huge library of games anywhere and any device you like except PS5. That is why they don't need PS5 to make their money back.

Making possible PS5 owner have second thought is a good reason they will keep the games console exclusives.

RememberThe35722d ago

You should, there are millions of people waiting on PS5 who would probably enjoy the system more. Get the series X it looks like a great system.

execution1722d ago

Its a wait and see since Bethesda are still semi independent and Todd didn't look too happy when he found out that they were bought

Sophisticated_Chap22d ago

Not only that, Bethesda's games will run better on the Series X anyway, with the more powerful hardware.

blacktiger22d ago

It's impossible for Microsoft to release bethesda as Xbox exclusive, do you know why Minecraft is not exclusive to Xbox? there is a reason to that and none of you gamers will ever understand.

Bethesda to be on Xbox exclusive might trigger an investigation to fraud. Microsoft must make Besthesda as multiplatform.

jznrpg22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

@DJSlotty “game”

Blade9222d ago

These kinds of games are best played on PC. Why an Xbox I will never know.

Jin_Sakai22d ago

“Then PS5 gamers will be buying Microsoft 1st party games, won't they?“

And PS5 gamers would be playing the game without having to buy and Xbox console. Regardless we’ll have to wait and see.

neutralgamer199221d ago


It's subjective yes but atleast Sony and Nintendo can produce GOTY system seller exclusives

Wrex36921d ago

A lot of people angry you're just stating the opposite of the article, and many people I game with feel the same as we do now. I owned a ps4 day one. I loved the exclusives but I'll be going XSX first and get the Ps4 later. I need the Gamepass man, it's too good at this point to support the Sony tax. And like Xbox Live Sony will have a true competitor in time. But until sony releases their first party day one into PSNOW I probably won't get a Ps5.

TheSaint21d ago

Fallout 5 won't release for a long time yet, they've released next to nothing about TES:VI so I wouldn't expect that for at least 18 months.

Buy an Xbox in a couple of years for much cheaper. That's what I'll do if they go exclusive.

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REDGUM22d ago

@ potatoseal I beg to differ from you're comment..... not because I know what the impact will be but more so I have no idea what this whole buy out will do or is intended to do. Allow me to ask

Is the buy out to make Bethesda make games from now on solely for microsoft/xbox?
Is this just going to be a timed exclusive rope they'll pull out on every new release?
OR something else I haven't thought of?

If it is for exclusive games only then surely this will hurt Bethsda in the long run with a lack of salesd from the Playstation community? Don't we (a playstation owner ) make up about 2/3rds of the game sales (trying to make a point, I don't knmow that is the actual figure).

Can someone actually explain to me what this purchase actually does in their (microsoft's)_ favor and how it damages ours (playstations)?

I'm very curious.

22d ago
sinspirit22d ago

I think itsmostly related to GamePass and XCloud.

What games are the best for a streaming service and especially for a paid for games library? Games that are either cheap and easy revenue like arena shooters, battle royales, and MOBA's. These are low cost to make and have easy income through dlc and microtransactions. The next would be games that are extremely time consuming. This means that these games are not only getting far more longevity to the user, but has them accessing less games from their library. Open world RPG's have mountains of content and hundreds of hours of playtime. As opposed to playing multiple 5-10 hour games. If gamepass distributes pay to devs by what titles you actually play, then this makes a lot of sense to target games like this. However, they will still need far more revenue streams than GamePass to pay for the current GamePass model and these billions in developer acquisitions. I would say timed exclusive.

DarkZane22d ago

@Shaggy2304 Microsoft has to make that money back, which there is no way they can make by selling on Xbox alone. The Playstation fanbase is necessary in this case. 7.5B on Zenimax wasn't a small acquisition like the third rate studios they bought earlier.

itsmebryan22d ago

The more I read about it I think the plan is to make all the new games moving forward will be exclusives like starfield and still support games that are out now.

MS is really pushing gamepass and offering games on PS5 won't help gamepass. Think about it they didn't need to buy the company for timed exclusives. Gamepass is available on Xbox, PC, and streaming on Android and iOS. That more then makes up for the lost of PS5 sales.

xxShadow-Shockxx22d ago

Here's some numbers for Bethesda games' sales on Playstation compared to the total sold across all platforms

derek22d ago

Bethesda games can become irrelevant to going forward.

Knushwood Butt22d ago

MS have backed themselves into a corner with gamepass as they are selling it based on first party games available day 1 on gamepass.

They can't just turn around and say they changed their mind about that.

Therefore this buyout is in their favor to pump out more content for gamepass.

Whether they recoup much of that 7.5 billion investment remains to be seen.

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Bender650222d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I think it will impact slightly, as will other issues, but certainly not significantly. However, by next, next-gen, yeah, the whole landscape of video games will have changed and that in imho may be more significant for Sony than MS. How much depends on this coming gen and how the two companies react. Clearly, MS is far more proactive and aware of the changing market currently. Remember, even Rome fell. Don't expect things to always remain static. Wild thinking I now, but I can forsee a future where Sony and MS combine against the forces of Amazon and Google :)

stefd7522d ago

I am still getting my PS5 but if FO or ES does come on Xbox by the time that happens I will either get an Xbox or i just wont bother playing those games as much as i do like them. I am fed up of having to buy systems to play a few games. The reason i am going with PS5 is all my friends are getting one and i have over 150 games for it, where i know no one with Xbox One and I have only 10 games on it. Anyway those games are 1 to 2 years away anyway, any thing can change in that time.

Voidwalker11722d ago

But releasing exclusive games at 70$ has certainly makes me doubt about buying a PS5, not before 2-3 years... Gamepass is becoming more and more attractive, a lot more with the Bethesda buyout.

derek22d ago

@Voidwalker117 good if you can't afford to pay for the games you play then it makes no sense to buy the console they play on.

ocelot0722d ago

I think future Bethesda games will release on ps5. They would be missing out on to much money (like with Minecraft).

It's like if Sony bought rockstar. Do you honestly think they would keep the GTA and Red Dead games exclusive to playstation? Nope they will miss out on to much money from the pc and Xbox owners. Since GTA and red dead are already a established series.

gamer780422d ago

it probably won't, some people may pick up an xbox now because of it though, and it will affect ps5 in general though as most games now won't release on it, save for multiplayer and mmo games like elder scrolls online.

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DiRtY22d ago

It will push Xbox consoles for sure.
It will make GamePass even better.
It is a great addition for Microsoft.

I highly doubt that they even thought about Sony when they bought ZeniMax.

Tedakin22d ago

I assure you MS and Sony don't think about each other nearly as much as internet fanboys do :)

NEXUS-622d ago

You'd be surprised - did you not see how long the price reveal took?

It is not on a petty level like 'console wars' - but companies most certainly keep an eye on the competition and the choices they make.

Silly gameAr22d ago

So that's why MS comments on Sony 70% of the time they speak. Because they don't think about each other. Ahhh, Ok, got you.

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Wrex36921d ago

This is actually a great comment and the honest truth.

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Bender650222d ago

Sony? Probably not so much. Amazon,Google and Apple, for sure.

jukins22d ago

So AFTER being outsold this gen by almost 3:1 selling only 50 million xbox units. . . Microsoft paid 2.5x zenimax worth because gamers said they had no games compared to playstation. Microsoft spent billions on qll these studios because gamers said they had no games compared to playstation.

In what world is this not a pure reaction to this current generations results for xbox? And what made the xbox sell so poorly? Playsyation and switch. .

RememberThe35722d ago

Because it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see MS didn't have enough IP to prop up their streaming service. MS didn't need a bunch of gamers telling them they didn't have games. They're trying to build a streaming platform and as Netflix found out you need a bunch of your own content to supplement the 3rd party stuff or the IP holders fk you over.

lelo2play22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Have to agree with Pachter on this one. Bethesda will help Microsoft sell more consoles and Gamepass, but Playstation brand is just too big.
Outside the USA/UK, Playstation will outsell Xbox by a large margin.

Bender650222d ago

This next-gen for sure. After? We'll see.

JackBNimble22d ago

No one can say that for certain.
Everyone thought sony would run away with it in gen7 after the success of the ps2 and look how that turned out.

The arrogance of sony and their fanboys has always been their downfall and I wouldn't be surprised if MS has a closer race with sony this gen.

enkiduxiv22d ago

PS3 was definitely a weak gen for Sony, but even during that gen we got uncharted and The Last of Us. When the best thing your customers have to show for an entire gen is Crackdown 3, you are an embarrassment to the entire industry.

Good for Microsoft for trying to hang in there by scooping up some of the has-been publishers that have fallen on hard times. It shows they understand that being last is unacceptable. Now if only XBOX fans would realize the same thing, maybe they could buy a PlayStation and have fun for once.

JackBNimble21d ago

So what ? Sony barely finished the generation ahead of MS.
It only took Sony a few blunderous moments to put them chasing MS for an entire generation.

It would be unwise for Sony to think they've already won next generation.

nibblo22d ago

Xbox sells pretty well in all english speaking countries and central/south america but does poorly in continental europe and asia. They are trying to change that with a much larger number of countries at release than the Xbox One but I think they will always struggle in those 2 places.

NukeDaHippies22d ago

Sony already has it's golden eggs, Demons Souls alone will move more consoles then the acquisition of bethesda.

lelo2play22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Nop. Demons Souls is a niche game. Beside die hard Souls fans, hardly anybody cares for the game. This holiday most people will go for Cyberpunk, COD and Assassin Creed.

potatoseal22d ago

NO. The Souls games are not niche anymore. They sell millions.

ArchangelMike22d ago

Yeah, Leloplay is right. The Souls series is no longer niche.

NukeDaHippies22d ago

While your wrong about them being niche, I do wanna add that i meant it will do more for Sony, for the good potion of the foreseeable future. Your not getting a new Xbox because it will one day have elder scrolls 6 exclusive...(maybe?)

jukins22d ago

After bloodbourne souls games have definwtly come out of the niche category

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Tedakin22d ago

I remake of a 10 year old I don't think will move more consoles than Starfield and the Elder Scrolls 6.

NEXUS-622d ago

You have 2 titles that are just that - titles. And a game releasing in the next 6 weeks - and it can only be played on PS5.

The games you mentioned are also on PC and 'probably' PS5 if not other consoles.

22d ago
CBaoth22d ago

@ Shaggy - because you don't buy a company that makes millions from being multiplatform, then decide they're going exclusive and expect to sell anywhere close to what they currently make. Do you honestly think the 23 million people that bought copies of Skyrim are all going to purchase Xboxes? And what makes you think they'd PURCHASE the game anyway? I'd gamepass those IPs like millions of others would and MS would have to share the revenue with partners. Hell even if the influx of GP subs crosses 2 million during the first few months of release that's only 60 million extra. Whereas Sony made 300 million off the LoU2's opening week.

It makes more sense for MS to continue to let Bethesda self-publish (without the exclusive deals with Sony and Ninty a la Deathloop and Tokyo). It reinforces what I believe is MS' main goal - becoming platform agnostic and focusing more on services than hardware. Minecraft is already proof of concept.

FlavorLav0122d ago (Edited 22d ago )

A remake coming out on day1 selling consoles vs. games 2-3 maybe 4 years out helping Xbox...wonder which will make the bigger impact momentum-wise? I think Demon Souls and Miles Morales will do just fine moving units for PS this Holiday. Sure wish we were getting ANYTHING big with the new consoles from MS at launch. Please spare me the gamepass BS. I buy games not services, and right now I don’t see anything impressive with a release date from Xbox.

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RememberThe35722d ago

Calling it now, Spider-Man MM will be the best selling launch game in history.

Shadowsteal21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

It'll be a challenge to beat Zelda: BOTW on the Switch.

HotMoltenLava22d ago

Why would anyone listen to this guy? He always wrong. Remember his claim that the PS3 era would be the last for consoles. Or when he said the Xbox One would outsell the PS4. I respect people’s opinions but damn.

Bender650222d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Yeah, you're correct. But it's so much fun to see just how incorrect this guy can be! And occasionally he actually does gets quite close.