Microsoft quiet on 360 memory boost leak

There's more retail listing-related fun this morning, as Next-Gen noticed that GameStop lists an expanded 512MB memory unit for Xbox 360.

The listing has since been removed from the site, but for a short while it allowed punters to pre-order the larger memory unit for $49.99 USD (£25 GBP), with a release date down for March 1.

When computerandvideogames contacted Microsoft it declined to comment on the internet listing, giving them the usual "Microsoft does not comment on rumours or speculation" line...

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SuperSaiyan44905d ago

Its amazing how some people dont keep up with gaming! Major Nelson himself had one around 6months ago and talked about having a ZUNE along with a 512mb memory card!

ASSASSYN 36o4905d ago

Who cares about a new memory upgrade of 512 i want gigs damnit.

gogators4905d ago

we should have better memory cards than just 256 or 512 mb. When are they going to drop the price on the 64mb card, what a total rip-off for that card.

The Snake4905d ago

I just bought one a couple weeks ago on ebay for $22 including shipping (brand new in original packaging) and even that is too expensive imo.