F.E.A.R. will get an AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack, comparison screenshots released

Modder 'Rivarez' has announced that a new AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack will soon come out for the first F.E.A.R. game.

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swice973d ago

No way! I was thinking about playing the first F.E.A.R. again like 30 minutes ago. I'll wait for this!

Fishy Fingers973d ago

I like to give it the occasional halloween run through.

Still remember the first time I saw screens in a magazine (lol). It was a Crysis type moment of awe.

kryteris973d ago

i played it last night on ps now. it's so dated, i swear it looked alot better on pc.

Dwarrior973d ago

The PS version was by far the worst version. Had to be even worse on PSNow.

IcedOmega13972d ago

Weird I also have been thinking about this game. Must be some kind of collective consciousness lol

BillyG0AT973d ago

Definitely gonna revisit this one!

Sophisticated_Chap973d ago

Very cool! Hopefully he does Perseus Mandate and Extraction Point add-ons also.

AuraAbjure973d ago

Perseus Mandate is so hard! They AI are legit crafty.

RaidenBlack973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

Perseus Mandate was kinda disappointing for me.
The visual design was more boring and the new guns were not interesting. The few horror scenes and the elite mercenaries encounters were better though but that's about it. Extraction Point was far better.
Project Origin made both expansion pack's story redundant.

sourOG973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

Damn I was thinking remaster! Fear is in my top 5 favorite horror games.

frostypants973d ago

One of the only games ever that gave me legit jump scares.

sourOG973d ago

Back in the day when spooky games didn’t have you hiding in lockers. Multiplayer was fun too.

RaidenBlack973d ago

If you guys want a new modern FEAR but don't like the style of FEAR 2 or F3AR. Then check out Trepang2 on Steam. Its an homage and a spiritual successor to the FEAR1.

sourOG972d ago

Hated fear 2. I didn’t even try 3 because of it.

DragonWarrior19973d ago

F.E.A.R would be a great contender for a ground up remake for next gen. I'd be happy with a FEAR Trilogy remaster collection too.

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