Microsoft Flight Simulator's Next World Update Will Improve the United States

Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neuman and Asobo Studio CEO Sebastian Wloch provided some interesting tidbits about the future.

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FanboySpotter26d ago

An update that gets rid of trump finally

Applejack26d ago

This is N4G as in gaming. Just wanted to point that out for you.

FanboySpotter26d ago

@Applejack what I mostly see on N4G is people N4Gging. It's not serious. GG

TheLastRun26d ago

Why bring politics into Gaming?

Rhythmattic26d ago

Well theres games that some say are about a political agenda.....
Do I need to mention anyone of them? Some changed for not wanting to upset a certain player base as the bottom line is its a market worth a truck load..
Or, A particular outpouring of negativity of a Game due to peoples political Leaning...

So Yeh...What FanbotySpotter posted was exactly what I was going to post....
And here lies the Conundrum.... Theres nothing Political about Trump being a Dumb Cant..
He is by far there most non politician ever to be leader of the freedom world.... That may have been good with a follow up TV Show ,the A president-ence , And as most Politicians are all lawyers, well, we know not too trust any of them... But there is no way trump is even in politics.. A Leader cares for all, And that there is why its funny az fk.. But it's not...
So Politics??? Trump? I think the debate showed its nothing about politics.

343_Guilty_Spark26d ago

Well he has covid now 😏😏

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enkiduxiv26d ago

It’s not a simulator if it’s not realistic.

Abriael26d ago

Good, because it's both.

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Imortus_san26d ago

Microsoft Flight Simulator's already sold a Million, not bad for a niche game that's on Gamepass.

QuePasa8725d ago

It's got its work cut out for it