PS5's Confusing Game Save Situation

On this week's episode of IGN's PlayStation show, Podcast Beyond!, host Jonathon Dornbush is joined by Brian Altano, Max Scoville, and Janet Garcia to discuss the latest PS5 news, including a bunch of info about PS5 game preorder bonuses for Demon's Souls, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and more, plus the confusing state of transferring saves from PS4 to PS5.

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jairusmonillas60d ago

This is another one of those "PS5 can only have fake 4k, PS5 only have 100 BC, PS5 will explode from overheat" so much FUD.

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neutralgamer199260d ago


Ps5 hate/bash articles are a daily thing now. Let's not overlook the fact the world's most powerful console didn't show a single game running on the system itself up to now

Sony has shown gameplay and provided information but I guess that's not good enough

S2Killinit59d ago

Its where MS spends its “gaming” funds. Just like last generation. Remember the “2 billion dollars set aside for gaming” at the start of last gen? This is where they spend it.

KyRo60d ago

T3 are the worst. For such a big publication the levels of bias shown in favour of MS is insane. How anyone can defend MS after years of neglect in the console sector is baffling to me.


Umm MS just spent 7.5 billion in the gaming sector I think that makes up for it...

Christopher60d ago

I couldn't sit through enough of this to get to the part about save files. Is it that there's no info on PS4 -> PS5 games using the same save files or something? I mean, if it supports BC, it's going to support the old save files. That sounds like a given. I don't know what the confusion would be here.

ziggurcat60d ago

"I don't know what the confusion would be here."

Because there's nothing confusing about it...

King_Noctis60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Try reading the following article then:

“ PS4 save files don’t work on PS5 — except when they do”

Here’s direct quote from the article in case you want the TLDR version:

“ While many PS4 games (including Yakuza) will offer free upgrades to their PS5 counterparts, that upgrade does not guarantee save data compatibility. Along similar lines, we learned last week that Spider-Man PS4 save files won’t transfer over to the remastered PS5 version of the game. But just to add an extra layer of confusion, save files for Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS4 will transfer over to the upgraded PS5 version.”

ziggurcat60d ago (Edited 60d ago )


PS4 save file for Spider-Man does transfer if you're just popping your PS4 disc or booting the digital version on a PS5 - the PS4 save file does not transfer to the PS5 Remaster. That's not confusing. MM is likely akin to the base PS4 version to the PS4 Pro version, so that's why the save data would transfer (because it's an upgrade, and not a remaster). The Spider-Man remaster is being treated as a separate game because it kind of is - are you able to transfer your save data from TLoU to TLoU Remastered? What about the PS3 remaster of SotC to the PS4 remake of SotC?

Also in your quote it says that the Yakuza game "doesn't guarantee save data compatibility" not that it doesn't transfer at all.

King_Noctis60d ago (Edited 60d ago )


If you have to give that long explanation just for transferring save game files, then no wonder why people (especially casual gamer) find this to be confusing.

I'm not trying to bring Microsoft into this, but their way of dealing with this is seemingly much better. Every save game file from the Xbox One will work immediately on the Xbox Series X, no string attached, at least afaik.

ziggurcat60d ago


It wasn't a long explanation.

yomfweeee60d ago

Stop using the SM PS4 to PS5 as an example. That is a "remaster" and remasters do not share save files. It is not just a "next gen upgrade".

SamPao60d ago

Its really not difficult. The remaster is a new game ONLY on ps5.
So no save transfer.
If you get miles for ps4 and then upgrade to ps5, you can transfer. Because you upgraded.
If you play the original and with bc on ps5. You can transfer. Because you upgraded with BC.

neutralgamer199260d ago


While many PS4 games (including Yakuza) will offer free upgrades to their PS5 counterparts, that upgrade does not guarantee save data compatibility

Is that officially from Sony?

Atom66660d ago

With MM if you buy on PS4, you get the free upgrade and save transfer.

With others like Dirt 5 and Maneater, if you buy on PS4, you get the free upgrade but saves don't transfer.

Why not?

Unless someone can give an actual, factual answer, then it's still confusing.

We can hope that some BC titles that don't get actual upgrades (just boost mode) will allow it. But what about Witcher 3, or AC? What about other games that remain very popular that we hope get upgrades? Are we SOL?

ziggurcat60d ago (Edited 60d ago )


The devs have said, at least in the case on Maneater, that the PS5 isn't seeing the upgrade as the same application. That would mean that the devs need to adjust something in their code, especially if other games have no issues with saves transferring. It's not Sony saying "yes, that game can transfer", and "no that game can't."

There would be zero reason why a BC title, operating only under the PS5's boost mode, wouldn't have the save data transfer over.

It really boils down to whether the console sees the title as the same app or separate. And that's more than likely because the devs haven't allowed that to happen. It's not really confusing.

When you have a dev's game that's sponsored by the competition have functionality on one system and not the other it does call into question the reason why that functionality isn't present on the competition's system.

Atom66660d ago

But again, why is this a thing that is an option, and why are they "choosing" one way over the other? That's where the confusion lies.

And sorry, but the conspiracy nonsense isn't the answer. It is pretty funny that we heard so many people argue that smart delivery was the same thing on PS5, though.

I don't care what the marketing deal might be, why on earth would they want to go through the trouble of making 2 "apps" if they could have made one? You really think MS is sitting back saying: oh, yes, cross save on Dirt 5 will surely win us the console war!

Seems like Smart Delivery is the same tool set that MS is using for 1st AND 3rd party. Also seems like it's pretty easy to implement.

Maybe Sony hasn't provided their similar tools to others? That would be odd because all indication is that the PS5 dev profile was available before Xbox. Maybe they're not as streamlined and easy to use? Maybe Sony forgot how cross save works?

Why can I do cross save on Vita, but not on games with advertised cross gen upgrades now?

We don't know, so it's confusing that it works for some games but not others. Then it also works for the same game on one platform but not on other platforms? WTF?

They just need to explain why it's different.

VariantAEC57d ago

So the remaster of Marvel's Spider-Man with all new game trophies and unlockables won't allow save transfers over while Miles Morales which is a new game made to be cross-gen will.

Are you seriously confused as to why that is?

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Hawk19866660d ago

It's not confusing whatsoever

--Onilink--60d ago

If you dont have a standard method that works for every game, then it is confusing.

There are games that have ps5 upgrade that support it
There are games that have ps5 upgrade that only support it for certain modes
There are games that have ps5 upgrade that dont support it at all

There is no information from Sony or anyone else to at least narrow down why some games have it but others dont.
Nor is there a centralized location to know which games have this problem.

Everything about this is anything but clear

Sgt_Slaughter59d ago

Right on the money with everything here. It shouldn't be this hard yet Sony for some reason whiffed on this.

Inverno60d ago

Everything seems to be confusing to these poor journalists these days, how strange.

Dab60d ago

My PS4 Maneater game saves arent gonna freaking out...completely confused & lost
Jus when I figured out how to get the remastered spider man...then THIS happens

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