PlayStation Store Sale "Games of a Generation" & "Games Under $15" Now Live, Here's the Games List

Sony has launched the PlayStation Store sale for September 30, and there's the Games of a Generation & Games Under $15 sales! Here are the complete list of discounted games for both sales (US).

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xTonyMontana21d ago

Games of a generation, some of the added ones there are highly suspicious. Battlefront 2? Maybe most controversial of the generation.

excaliburps21d ago

Well, to be fair, Battlefront 2 is a fantastic game after all the patches. I mean, take away the controversy, DICE did well with it.

kayoss21d ago

"I mean, take away the controversy, DICE did well with it."
this is what this sounds like, "Take away all the victims who died from covid, the United states have the lowest death rate caused by Covid."

arkard21d ago

It's a game, not real life people dying.

NecrumOddBoy21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Damn; I just bought Ghost of Tsushima yesterday! :/

I got sale sniped! lol

franwex21d ago

Contact them. Also a lot of credit cards have price protection for situations like these. If it doesn’t work out with the, try your credit card company.

If not, well. Sucks.

NecrumOddBoy21d ago

Not a bad thought; I’ll try that. Game is amazing and worth every penny but $15 is $15 bucks!