Pokemon GO players may have to pay to transfer their collections to Pokemon HOME

Pokemon GO players had a lot to be excited about with the latest Nintendo Direct. It was announced that fans of the mobile game would soon be able to transfer their Pokemon to the cloud storage app Pokemon Home. However, the excitement was damped somewhat by hints that transferring Pokemon might come at a cost.

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CyberSentinel109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Make us pay for each and every individual Pokémon transfer, and then you should really create a tier system, based on levels of Pokémon and stats. The higher the level for instance, the more we pay! Please do this, Nintendo/Pokémon company. Pokémon players deserve to pay for supporting you for so many years.

Thank you.

“Gotta Transfer Them All!”

georeo108d ago

Lol I know this is sarcasm. I'm working on it.