Kingdom Hearts May Be Moving More Toward a Final Fantasy-Like Future

With the next installment of Kingdom Hearts presumably coming in 2022, it's very possible Kingdom Hearts 3 hinted at a new Final Fantasy world.

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OtterX194d ago

I lost interest in the series after they drifted away from Final Fantasy. This feels WAY too late. I'm not sure if I can get back into it, but we'll see.

Blade92194d ago

Didn't really bother me. Although I did miss the interactions with cloud, squall and others. This does seem like a nice step though. I'm looking forward to the new direction.

masterfox194d ago

releasing every 10 years then?....i kid i kid :D

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Knightofelemia194d ago

The last KH game trailer I saw shows the franchise as more of a Hatsune Miku rhythm game meets Guitar Hero and that was Melody of Memories didn't look close to FF to me.

FallenAngel1984194d ago

A game that takes inspiration from Final Fantasy Theathrhythm doesn’t seem like something Final Fantasy would do?

Pedantic91194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

You know, why not take Kingdom Hearts, change the name, replace the disney characters and disney worlds with Final Fantasy characters and Final Fantasy worlds.That way it won't be chained with a 1000ton steel ball while the big bad mouse warden sits and laughs at his property.

Let KH rest, make something FF-related and not like the world of final fantasy.

phoenixwing194d ago

I liked world of final fantasy

goldwyncq194d ago

Not going to happen. Disney owns the KH series and have full control over it.

Kados194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

Pedantic is basically just saying to make a Final Fantasy game that feels and plays like KH. If all that stuff is changed then Disney would not own it. They would have no say in the matter.

FallenAngel1984194d ago

At that point you might as well just make a Final Fantasy game.

The whole point of Kingdom Hearts is to be a crossover of Disney and Square Enix properties. It wouldn’t be KH without the lack of either company’s influence

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