Behind the Design: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

In late 2017, a few small hardware teams quietly visited a handful of Xbox gamers’ homes in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City. With several black foam boxes in tow, they asked gamers to unplug their current Xbox and put the new shape in its place.

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Jin_Sakai22d ago

I guess what they went with was the best option. All of these concepts look plain and boring.

NeoGamer23222d ago

Last time I checked we buy consoles for new nextgen games not for their looks.

So, on both counts XB Series lacks right now!

And no XB fans.... Backwards Compatibility does not count as new games for this generation. Although I am happy they have found ways to improve the look and feel of BC games.

And before the PS fans like my comment (Cause you thinking that right now), you are just as fooled as XB fans. Demon Souls is the highlight of launch and it is a graphical remake of the first game that I completed on my PS3 long ago. And Spider-man and Sackboy isn't even a true next gen game because I can play it on PS4. And I can guarantee Destruction All-Stars has zero chance of winning GOTY. Sony has hoodwinked you just as badly as MS is hoodwinking XB fans.

GOTY is going to be TLOU2, Ghosts of Tsushima, CyberPunk, or Flight Simulator

PsychoCrusher22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I often find myself extremely inquisitive in what it looks like. I always yearn for one of these insane concepts, they look so cool. I agree it’s what it does on the screen but nothing wrong with leaning away from your standard DVD player or pc tower design. Im glad Sony chose to go with a super next gen design it shows they like to go above and beyond, just like their exclusives!!

Sitdown22d ago

"a super next gen design"

Wow, folk just be making up stuff. I don't really like the design, but I rarely pay attention to it once it finds its home.... cabinet space for both is my concern.

blacktiger22d ago

Last I check even If I bough it for next generation, console design is important for all Playstation gamers,

Cueil22d ago

spraying shots at all parties... I like it

Heavenly King22d ago

The last time I checked XBSX/S has no nextgen games; so I guess It is fair to criticise how it looks.

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RaidenBlack22d ago

Cubes and Cuboids of varying dimensions ....

RazzerRedux22d ago

Guess they were not allowed to think outside the box.

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Gunstar7522d ago

Which I'm happy about. My av set up is all black cuboids. Why would I want some weird, overly designed monstrosity sitting there?

Thats just my opinion

RazzerRedux22d ago

It was a joke, but yeah......opinions.

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masterfox22d ago

MS need to have a serious talk with their design department ASAP!!.

PsychoCrusher22d ago

No curves allowed, their woman must be very boring!!

Noskypeno22d ago

We don't like tryhards like cardi b and Kim kardashian that need implants to be relevant.

Gunstar7522d ago

yeah, cuz a $2000 Denon amp has curves all over it.

Most people want a minimalist design in their AV set up.

We arent all 12 and wanting neon lights and shit

PsychoCrusher22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

@Gunstar75 Hardly neon lights is it mate, it’s subtle blue and orange hue depending on the mode. I wasn’t even talking about the lights. I was talking about the aesthetics of the actual console. My previous comment was a joke, chill out adapt some humour into your life and chill.

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