Genshin Impact First Impressions - DashGamer

DASH takes a quick peek at the controversial RPG that made waves through the Chinese market for being a "Breath of the Wild" copycat.

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phoenixwing204d ago

i've got a couple hours in and i'm having a great time

blackblades204d ago

Yeah, I havent played a game in awhile definitely a jrpg because of jrpg block.

Spenok203d ago

I've put about 6 hours in myself, and the Gacha hasn't kicked in yet, but I can see the potential for it to get bad if they balance it horribly. So far so good though, and I'm enjoying myself overall with it.

I just wish there was a block, or even a dodge option for combat. I find it quite strange it lacks that.

Rebel_Scum204d ago

I hit a game breaking bug in the menu 5mins in.


Rebel_Scum204d ago

Nah, besides the console just became unresponsive. There was no error.