Jump Rope Challenge Won't Be Removed From The Eshop After All

Previously a timed exclusive, Nintendo has reversed its stance on removing Jump Rope Challenge from the eShop at the end of September.

Now if we can just get Nintendo to remove said limitation on the Super Mario 3D All Stars Collection, then everything will be right for the Big N.

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Games1st19d ago

Lol they wanted people to have the fear of missing out. That's done it's job.

King_Noctis18d ago

It is a free game to download.

Unknown_Gamer579418d ago

True. Who knows what their endgame was? It got us to notice an app that most probably would have passed over even with it being free, I guess. Does Nintendo just like manipulating us for no reason other than because they can? If nothing else, they've sure proven that they can. Maybe Jump Rope Challenge was their test run for pulling the same thing with 3D All Stars and that other timed Mario game.