What We Want From Final Fantasy XVI

GI: “We assembled a panel of RPG experts to discuss the highs and lows of what we saw from Square Enix's new title!”

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phoenixwing23d ago

everything looked great aside from graphics and since it's a jrpg that's pretty low on level of importance to me

gamer780423d ago

A fantasy setting, a new combat engine, better graphics, a memorable cast of characters, so far i haven't seen any of this from the released trailer... sadly i see this project has probably been rushed and so far not excited at all.

phoenixwing23d ago

Medieval fantasy is a fantasy setting. How could you tell the combat engine wasn't new or not they only showed a small section of it. I disagree that the characters aren't memorable so far. I don't think you know if it's being rushed or not tbh you're probably guessing again. so far to me the only thing you have right is that you're not excited but I think that's more to do with no pretty graphics and your need for sci fi tech in final fantasy

gamer780423d ago

@phoenix. Medieval is a time period, the setting is not fantasy. They are however adding fantasy elements into it of course, but that’s different. I actually really liked 10-13s settings. They were more original.

Godmars29023d ago

Fantasy races. Magic being an active part of the world. No large scale, cinematic, battles you don't really play a part in or your "part" is heavily scripted.

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343_Guilty_Spark23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I want a real fantasy: mystical lands, diverse and interesting races, monsters, magic....Not some pseudo western RPG with no party system. Looking like or another mainline FF I'm skipping. FF15 was not good.

Nacho_Z23d ago

I didn't buy FF15 because I really didn't like the combat in the demo and I was hearing that not only was the story not good it was actually all over the shop and unfinished. So fun, tactical combat and a great story are what I'm looking for.

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