PlayStation 25th Anniversary: How Sony created the console that redefined the game industry

How one question sparked an industry revolution: "Are you going to sit back and accept what Nintendo did to us?"

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ArchangelMike24d ago

Brilliant article.Getting my hands on a PSOne way back when, is still one of those defining moments for me. I can honestly say it changed the course of my gaming life. And I probably would be a much better guitarist today if not for those 10,000hrs+ that I poured into playstation instead. Happy Days! 😎

solideagle24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

My first console was PS2 (gifted) and there is no console like PS2 till date today in my humble opinion. Number of franchises that started on PS2 and hidden gems like Shadow Hearts, Okami etc is unparalleled till today. I think PS3 is better console compared to PS4 if you count Sony's first party titles during PS3/4 life cycle. I hope PS5's less than 1 month dev time means more titles to play from devs but games are getting complex and complex. PS2 was all about fun and technicality, now every dev is talking about 4k/60fps...I just want games which are fun and Playstation has always been at the fore front :)

ArchangelMike24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Yeah man, I had all of them. My PS2 days were definitely up there. I still remember playing GTA 3 for the first time; Metal Gear Solid 2, Manhunt, Ico, FFX, Jak and Daxter, Timesplitters and so many others. The list would just go on and one really, if I listed all those great PS2 moments.

I honestly think PS2 era was better than PS3 era, but that's just me.

24d ago
MajorLazer24d ago

PS1 was my first console and it'll always hold a special place in my heart.

Vanfernal24d ago

Still my favorite console of all time. Mainstream 3D games were in their infancy. Developers were testing the waters so you would constantly get original game ideas. The main target demographic was the people who grew up with video games who were an older audience at this point which gave way to a more mature approach for games. The competition between consoles was vicious so they would constantly strive to top the other console. It was an overall renaissance of gaming. Yes some of the older 3D games have aged horribly. But the charm of the era is undeniable.

DeadManMMX24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Console Wars. Read the book it is a brilliant retelling of the war between Sega and Nintendo in the 90s and how it directly lead to the creation of PlayStation. One of my favorite reads of all time. The documentary version that just launched On CBS All Access only focuses on Sega and Nintendo mostly of the Sega side. Still a good watch.

Bathyj24d ago

If you consider yourself a gamer, you should watch From Bedrooms to Billions. Kids these days won't realise how this industry was shaoed. Into what it is now. Great watch.

MyCool24d ago

I remember getting a ps1 in the summer of 98, what a wonderful time

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