PS5 Game Sharing Appears To Work Similar To PS4, Thanks To The "Console Sharing" Feature

It looks like PS5 game sharing will work similar to how it does on PS4, thanks to the Console Sharing feature on Sony's new console.

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sushimama23d ago

THIS IS GREAT NEWS. Me and my friend would always go halves in digital games that way. Buy the game once, and we both get to download it and play it at the same time. That is how you can HALVE the cost of games everytime.

sushimama23d ago

Yeah. Was doing it all generation on the PS4. You can even do it with Multiplayer games. Just one person needs to buy it, and then both can download it and play it at the same time.

You can even both PRE-LOAD the digital game as well. It really felt like I was paying half price for digital games the entire gen.

nirwanda23d ago

Reading this seems to suggest one console sharing content between profiles on one machine not necessarily primary console settings.
I suggests you can age lock console for different profiles

Jpinter23d ago

Yeah, I do the same thing with my buddy. He buys all the sports games and I pick up the FPS/RPG titles.

TheScotsman23d ago

Been doing it for years, basically been getting latest games for 25 -30 quid each which is always a plus.

zacfoldor23d ago

Wow, I would like more info about this. Going to look it up. I had no idea.

sushimama23d ago

It was on PS4 the entire gen.

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Kran23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Oh so when I press the share button it'll take half a minute sometimes before it even takes a screenshot (missing the shot entirely) or stops prerecording footage?

Because hell even on the PS4 Pro sharing is SO SLOW a lot of the time.

sushimama23d ago

No. That's got nothing to do with what they're talking about, and it's obvious you have no clue what you're reading.

OtterX23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Are you new to the PS4? By default, screenshots are set to a button hold, but you can adjust it to just a quick press in the settings. The little icon that shows up of a screenshot is delayed, however if you check your photos, it will be from the exact moment you pressed the share button.

**Your post has no relevance to this article either. This is about setting a primary account, which allows secondary accounts to access all games, PS+ and PSNow included. I assume across 2 systems also.

Daeloki23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

*BONK* Go to "Didn't even read the article level stupid" jail

DeadManMMX23d ago

The digital licensing system is what it is. 1 offline license one traveling online license. Xbox is just a little more lenient In that as long as your account is signed In any profile can play the games. This as opposed
To having to use one account to play all games on the online license using one.

sushimama23d ago

Ummm no. You can have 2 different PS4's. Each user makes the other user's PS4 the "Primary console".

That means if one person buys a digital game, then both people can use it on 2 different PS4's. Effictively making Digital game HALF PRICE. The PS5 wil have htis feature

DeadManMMX22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Where did you get this. Ive been doing this for most of the decade. Each account can only have one primary PS4 at a time.The other one requires an online connection and can only be used by the 1 account user. Again this is the basic digital license available on all consoles. Only Nintendo doesn’t let you play at the same time and Sony locks it to the one user for the offline console. Unless your talking about using 2 different accounts and making each primary on the other persons console. Which would be kind of pointless and a waste of one persons sharing ability which only goes one way. You only need one account with someone you trust as the main holder. A brother or best friend. Then whoever is not the one giving up their offline license can make a similar deal with another friend or relative.

Rashers23d ago

Glad this has been confirmed to continue. I do this with my youngest so they she can use my ps+, ps now and digital games. Saves having to buy 2 copies. My mate shares his account with my eldest so we can do 4 player groups in GTA.

dlocsta23d ago

This sounds great for two people but what if you go visit family across the country, Can you log onto their PS4/5 and play all of your games? That is how the Xbox works. I can log into ANY Xbox and play ANY of my games. PERIOD.

sushimama23d ago

Of course you can. They jsut log in as you and download the games. But they can only play them when you are not logged in. I'm not sure baout this next bit, but it's super easy and quick to turn on or off. Just make that console your 'Primary PS5' when you're there.

dlocsta23d ago

If you log in as someone else you get no credit for all of your work. I like to keep my achievements. For Xbox you simply log in and play. That's it. If they don't own the game, download it. It will not work once you log off, but as long as you are logged onto their console they can play the game.