Godfall for PS5 & PC Reveals its Story in Epic Cinematic Intro Trailer

Today Gearbox Publishing released a brand new trailer of its upcoming looting-slashing game Godfall.

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Jin_Sakai202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Looks better than the Assassin's Creed Valhalla story trailer released today. Went from maybe picking this up down the line to day one!

weissmuller202d ago

So your "maybe" buying it is based on actual gameplay. But a cool looking CG tralier is convincing you?

Jin_Sakai202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

No, the story is convincing me not the CGI part. The previous gameplay trailer also brought my hype up.

neutralgamer1992202d ago

The last gameplay trailer was epic

S2Killinit202d ago

They did show a much better looking gameplay video a few days ago than what we originally saw from the gameplay.

morganfell202d ago

"The previous gameplay trailer also brought my hype up."

You can go back and look at the gameplay trailers in order. Instead of just showing you something that looked the same every time, each new trailer revealed how that game improved markedly.

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bouzebbal202d ago

Boycott at that price, no matter how good the game is!

Fishy Fingers202d ago

Pretty shitty, its £49.99 on Epic with a further £10 voucher applied at check out.

PC is usually a little cheaper but this just seems PS gamers are being needlessly over charged.

Fishy Fingers202d ago

Ummmm.... Yeah, I have a less than £500 media server PC. Thanks for asking :/

I'm trying to support your complaint and you come back with that random BS? LOL dude......

crazyCoconuts202d ago

I bet Gears Tactics won't be $70. You should play that instead

SinisterKieran202d ago

lol fishy fingers was supporting your complaint but you felt the need to be a douche anyway @bouzebbal?

sampsonon202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Go play old games on your sx via Gamepass, if you want to pay cheap games. See, real games cost a lot to produce,you know with all that Ray Tracing and all? so don't worry about ps, they earned the right to raise the price. I know, and everyone one else knows we will have a WOW! moment in the next 2 yrs. Because they, unlike MS delivers

Imalwaysright201d ago

Who's "they"? Gearbox CEO? That slimeball excuse for a human being?

sampsonon201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

"They" as in Sony. Did you even read what i said?

Imalwaysright201d ago

Oh ok then let me slightly change my comment:

Who's they? Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO? Another filthy rich slimeball for whom you and those that happily accept a rise in game prices will bendover for so that he can get a better bonus? Will Cory Balrog, Kazunori Yamauchi etc and their teams see a cent from that extra money? You know, the people that would actually deserve it? I seriously doubt it.

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Bismarn202d ago

This is this generation's Bouncer/Lair/Knack.We will all have completely forgotten this game ever existed three years from now; only the price point is interesting.

neutralgamer1992202d ago

Or just maybe this could turn out to be great

Knushwood Butt202d ago

Bouncer, I forgot about that. Never played it.

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Z501201d ago

Except, Lair and Knack got bought up all the time, here.

*I've been here since 2007

sushimama201d ago

Looks like you need to wait for the reviews. Have you seen the latest COMBAT trailer? Phenominal

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NEXUS-6202d ago

Arrekz has a new video up too - looking better and better. I'll be Hammer & Twin Swords - providing the reviews are somewhat positive, fair chunk of change on an unknown game.

BillyG0AT202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

So I can pay 70 on my PS5 or 50 on my PC? Yeah ur takin the piss m8s

EDIT** Infact, I can get it for 40 on PC because I have a 10 pound coupon with Epic.

NEXUS-6202d ago

PC games have always been cheaper than console, not excusing te price. I'm also not happy about it.

FinalFantasyFanatic201d ago

Depends on what country you live in, not necessarily true in Australia, Epic games alone is more expensive here, at least Steam trades blows with Playstation, and lets just not talk about Nintendo.

NEXUS-6201d ago

Final - I live in Australia, PC games are always cheaper than console. There's usually a $10 - $15 difference.

Always has been.

phoenixwing202d ago


you actually can't because when i went through checkout it wouldn't work. the fine print or webpage says it doesn't work for pre orders and it will expire before the game releases

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