Take-Two sued over use of tattoos in WWE 2K

From "Tattoo artist Catherine Alexander has filed a complaint against Take-Two over the use of her designs in the WWE 2K series, and the case will be going to court.

Alexander was challenging the use of WWE pro wrestler Randy Orton's six tattoos that she inked, and which have been included in the games without her consent."

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Tacoboto20d ago

The precedent if something like this goes in her favor would be dangerous - imagine having to not just worry about background music in any videos you post to YouTube or wherever, but also if someone can see your tattoo.

But, if labels and musicians can control their music in that way, why can't graphic artists have any say about their work?

Krimmson20d ago

This has actually been an issue in the past. A tattoo artist sued THQ for putting his tattoo in their UFC games.

Carlos Condit, a welterweight fighter, has a tattoo of a Lion on his right ribcage. The artist sued THQ and when EA picked up the UFC license, they just left the tattoo out entirely.

justsomeoffdude20d ago

only in the usa where a tattoo artist can sue someone (take two) for drawing someone she tattooed on (randy orton). Did she pay randy orton to have her tattoos on his body? Is randy orton her "canvas"?? Does randy orton get any money from her for "advertising" her tattoos? she deserves an rko IMO

SSmoke20d ago

Randy paid for the tattoos, they are on his body as his.. she dosnt have a case, she's just greedy

CobraKai20d ago

I agree. Since Randy paid for it, it should be up to Orton how he wants his look represented in game, not the artist.

DaniMacYo20d ago

This crap again, it's ridiculous what you can sue for. Iv'e seen this before with another artist not too long ago. It's pretty absurd imo.

Yi-Long20d ago

Take Two should throw Randy out of the game, Randy won't get paid, Randy sues his tattoo artist for lost income, problem solved.

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