Super Mario Galaxy Is Proof The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Won't Work Well On Switch

Super Mario Galaxy on Switch works alright with Joy-Con motion controls, but it's proof Zelda: Skyward Sword might be tedious big significant changes.

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EthanMT62d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I never understood all the articles claiming Skyward Sword wouldn't work on the Switch. From what I understand, Skyward Sword took advantage of Wii Motion Plus's gyroscope for its motion controls, and if I understand correctly, the joy cons use gyro as well. Not only that, but the Switch has shown in multiple instances that recalibration can be done at the press of a button, whereas the Wii's motion plus had a much more involved process to recalibrate (at least it did in Skyward Sword).
Would Skyward Sword not play more accurately on the Switch? Or at the very least on par? I just don't understand how it would do worse when it used the same gyroscopic feature for its controls.

Unknown_Gamer579462d ago

Agreed. It is true that Gyro controls are a very different way of tracking motion, but Galaxy seems to work just fine on the Switch so I'm sure Skyward Sword is possible. Whether Nintendo care enough to want to port it over is another thing entirely, and I'm skeptical about that, but I think it can be done.

TheProfessional61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

The sad truth is there are always articles like this concerning nintendo stuff, somehow always attempting to justify nintendo NOT doing something.

When the wii u came out there was literally an article called "the wii u can't play DVDs or use Netflix and I'm okay with that." Before 3D all stars people said the gamecube controls for the fludd backpack in mario sunshine were "too hard" to port to switch (?¿¡?) and now here's an article trying to justify nintendo NOT making syward sword. Such. A. Joke. Of course skyward sword could be ported.

CrimsonWing6961d ago

Shhhhh, you’re going to actually make these “journalists” do some research and due diligence.

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DarkZane62d ago

I am pretty sure everything in Skyward Sword would have been possible to do with a normal controller.

Greg280161d ago

I played Skyward sword on my pc using a ps4 controller. Finished the whole game without a problem.

franwex62d ago

Maybe Nintendo can make it without motion controls? It’s one of the reasons I skipped it actually.

iplay1up261d ago

Motion controls aside, I only made it less than 2 hours. I didn't like it. It probably gets much better, but I didn't have the patience.

Replaying WindWaker HD, on my Wii U. It is one of the better Zelda games, and it looks great on the Wii U. I am only playing it again, because I am not working, due to Covid. I am glad I did though. They need a Switch port. 1080p docked. I wouldn't buy it again, but a lot of people haven't played it.

Shiken61d ago

Skyward Sword is based on the Gyro controls of the Wiimote, not the sensor bar.

It would work perfect on Switch, do your research.

iplay1up261d ago

I don't like Skward Sword. I got to the bird part, and just didn't like it. As for motion controls for Switch, I think they work great on Galaxy. Just hit the R button to reset it.

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