The Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made

The following game budget projections show just how much money goes into developing and marketing a video game - and the numbers are shocking!

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franwex24d ago

Essentially a lot of it goes to marketing-just like movies.

UltraNova23d ago

Most of the time the marketing budget is at least 2x that of development.

I mean look at GTV its almost a decade old and still charts in the top 10s each month. They've must have made at least 3 billion so far and they keep going...what a feat!

Deathdeliverer24d ago

Sorry. This list fails immediately. Where is Scam Citiz... (ahem) STAR Citizen? That’s number 1, 2, and 3.

ManMarmalade23d ago

I came here looking for this comment :D

Zhipp23d ago

When it comes to actual development budget not counting marketing nothing comes remotely close to that.

JackBNimble23d ago

The game is still in development , every other game on the list has been released.

Deathdeliverer23d ago

#1-It will NEVER be released
#2- Regardless it is still miles past anything else cost wise.

medman23d ago

If nobody can verify how much of the money the Star Citizen devs have spent, how can you include it on the list? Just because they've collected the money, doesn't mean they've spent it all...what percentage have they spent so far? How much has "disappeared" for some nefarious reason or the other. Will that game even ever release?

Deathdeliverer23d ago


Guess you don’t remember when they posted that they were running out of funding when they were around 250 -275million. 🤔 You really thought they were just sitting on 300+ million? I think you just wanted to have an opposing view on something you knew nothing about. Spent money is spent. That’s how you “run out” of funding. The rest of the world remembers.


medman23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

You are absolutely right....I know very little about Star Citizen. I do know quite a bit about people, however. In my experience, when you hand a bunch of people who have no experience handling a lot of money, much of that money can be mismanaged, whether innocently or intentionally. The former is unfortunate, the latter is a crime. All I know is this project has been in development for a very long time, a lot of money coming in, still no finished product. Original promised release date passed by many years ago. I'm just saying.....I've seen indefinitely funded projects with no completion date in sight fall apart maybe the backers are ok with what they've been delivered so far, but I've also heard rumblings of dissatisfaction.

Azurite23d ago

They're developing two games, not one game, Star Citizen and Squadron 42.
Both are connected and will share some assets but are completely different games, one is a mmofps the other a story driven single player game.

indysurfn22d ago

Those are good points, BUT you in could all money collected by other dev's and assume it was spent for development. The only way to be fair is to apply the same math.

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rlow123d ago

Yeah this was the category for completed

camel_toad23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Scam Citizen is listed at the end of article along with other unreleased titles like Cyberpunk. Difference being that Cyberpunk will actually be finished.

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Popsicle24d ago

7. Dead Space $120M
6. Shadow of the Tomb Raider $135M
5. Destiny $140M
4. Final Fantasy VII $145M
3. Star Wars: The Old Republic $200M
2. Call of Duty: MW 2 $250M
1. Grand Theft Auto 5 $265M

Sciurus_vulgaris23d ago

I don’t think the presented list is accurate. Video game budgets generally aren’t publicly disclosed. Red Dead Redemption 2 was estimated to cost over 200 million to produce, and it is not ranked in the presented article.

franwex23d ago

How much is Halo infinite now? $550 million?

Zhipp23d ago

That number strains credulity to be honest. Unless it's referring to the entire 10year support budget.

Either that or the game is massively larger in scale and ambition than they've been letting on up till now.

Sciurus_vulgaris23d ago

The 550 million budget isn’t verified.

Terry_B23d ago

Yeah..the list is not accurate at all.

GoodGuy0923d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Did rdr2 ever release its numbers? Definitely one of the most expensive Id say. Had no idea mw2 was @$250mil holy jeez.

Sgt_Slaughter23d ago

I'm amazed at that MW2 number because of how simple the game is compared to things like RDR2 and GTAV. The graphics and what not in the campaign are great but not $250M worth

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